Network Architect with Polygraph

Herndon, Virginia
Mar 31, 2017
Apr 30, 2017
Full Time

Responsible for the design and development of voice, video, radio* frequency, and/or data communications networks.
1. Provides expert level analysis of voice, video, radio* frequency, and/or data communications networks, including planning, designing, evaluating, selecting, and upgrading operating systems and protocol suites and configuring communication media with concentrators, bridges, and other devices.
2. Plans network layouts and configures systems to user environments.
3. Analyzes network topologies and traffic and capacity requirements.
4. Supports the acquisition of hardware and software as well as subcontractor services as needed.
5. May provide technical support and troubleshooting to users.
6. May perform network administration duties.
7. Provide s guidance and work leadership to less* experienced network personnel and may have supervisory responsibilities.
8. Serves as technical team or task leader.
9. Maintains current knowledge of relevant technology as assigned.
10 Participates in special projects as required.

1. Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline. 2. Advanced degree preferred.

15- 20 years of directly related experience in network analysis and design.

Network Engineer -  Expert. This role requires a candidate with proven experience implementing cross domain solutions that support requirements of varying complexity in addition to planning and managing the coordinated effort of a team of different stakeholders, IT, and related technical professionals to include personnel from different organizations with competing interested (eg. customer, cross domain governing bodies, hosting facility, and technology provider.)

This successful candidate must have the ability to lead the network team on projects and be able to work with a diverse IT infrastructure which includes; storage/backups, platforms, middleware, and software development.

The duties of this position holistically involve designing, implementing and supporting complex networks within a large and complex private infrastructure. Analyzing the existing network, performing current state system analysis, writing technical specifications, developing new engineering designs to meet new customer requirements and program needs, product prototyping/proof of concepts, unit testing technology solutions, supporting system integration and implementation.

Specific Job duties:
* Define and document existing network
* Deliver new enterprise network solutions that support virtual platforms for multiple environments
* Determine processes that should be automated / developed to improve efficiency and reliability
* Develop network design, configuration, installation and implantation documents with limited supervision
* Develop baseline configurations for CISCO IOS. Provide written upgrade instructions to the Network O&M team on new Cisco IOS
* Responsible for network architecture and design
* Configure firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches,
* Develop network topologies for all responsible networks
* Provide leadership and technical guidance to any junior network engineers
* Work with the infrastructure engineers, O&M and development teams to support the customer's mission
* Must be able to understand the customer requirements and translate into network/technical system requirements
* General understanding of the Project Management Framework (PMF) and system engineering lifecycle; ensures all network projects/initiatives define and deliver appropriate artifacts that fits the customer needs
* Identifies opportunities for improving the network to support customer needs
* Participates in the governance boards and ensure actions are completed in a timely fashion

Mandatory Skills Needed:
* Demonstrated Expert level equivalent number of years experience in Network telecommunications
* Demonstrated Expert level equivalent number of years experience in Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)
* Demonstrated Expert level hands on experience with Routing Protocols (i.e. OSPF, EIGRP and BGP) and Gateway Redundancy Protocols (i.e.. HSRP, VRRP, GLRP) to include experience troubleshooting issues with these protocols
* Hands on experience with VoIP, Multicast, STP, VTP, Virtual LAN's and Trunking (VLAN's)
* Hands on experience with Network controlled interfaces / Security; Firewall, ACL, IPSec Tunnels, Crypto
* Demonstrated hands on experience with SONET, ATM, MPLS, POS and Multicast
* Demonstrated hands on experience working with different networks vendors (i.e. Cisco, McAfee)
* Demonstrated understanding and hands on experience with network management (CiscoWorks, CiscoPrime), network monitoring (i.e. HP Openview, VitalNet, etc) and Network Access (i.e. TACACS)
* Demonstrated understanding and hands- on experience working Cisco, Juniper, and McAfee products: Nexus 5000/7000/9000 series, 6500 series, 3800 series, 3900 series, 3750 series, ASA 5000, McAfee Sidewinder
* Expert knowledge in all aspects of TCP/IP, IPv4 and IPv6

Desired Skills:
* Demonstrated experience working in a Data Center environment
* Familiar with VMware Virtualization Solutions, Virtual PC (VPC) and Virtual Device Contexts (VDC)
* High level knowledge of Cloud Computing ​