Deputy Director, Office of Enforcement Operations

Washington D.C.
Mar 29, 2017
Apr 27, 2017
Executive, Director
Full Time

The Criminal Division (CRM) enforces and supervises the application of all federal criminal laws except those specifically assigned to other divisions. The Division and the 93 U.S. Attorneys have the responsibility for overseeing the prosecution of criminal matters under more than 900 statutes. Criminal Division attorneys prosecute many nationally significant cases. In addition to its robust litigation responsibilities, the Division formulates and implements criminal enforcement policy and provides advice and assistance to prosecutors and investigators around the country. Among other things, the Criminal Division advises the Attorney General, Congress, the Office of Management Budget and the White House on matters of criminal law; provides legal advice and assistance to federal prosecutors and investigative agencies; and coordinates national and international law enforcement actions.

The Office of Enforcement Operations (OEO) is comprised of five separate units that provide essential legal and policy support and guidance to federal law enforcement agents and prosecutors. In addition, OEO reviews, approves or makes recommendations regarding the use of the most sensitive law enforcement tools in particular investigations and prosecutions.

Among its varied functions, OEO oversees the use of Title III electronic surveillance tools; oversees the Federal Witness Security Program; administers the International Prisoner Treaty Transfer Program; exercises oversight over the imposition of Special Administrative Measures of confinement; and makes recommendations to Department leadership regarding the use of certain law enforcement tools in sensitive circumstances.

  • Occasional Travel
  • Some travel required

  • Yes
  • Relocation expenses are authorized.

  • You must be a U.S. citizen to qualfiy for this position.
  • Interested applicants must possess a J.D. degree, be duly licensed and authorized to practice as an attorney under the laws of any State, territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia. Applicants must be an active member of the bar (any jurisdiction) in good standing and have at least 5 years post-J.D. experience. 

    You must submit a resume and a separate narrative statement/response that addresses each of the Mandatory Professional/Technical Qualification Requirements related to this position as well as the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) related to all positions in the Senior Executive Service.

    OPM's Guide to Senior Executive Service Qualifications can assist you in writing an effective SES application. In particular, please note the Challenge-Context-Action-Result Model that is recommended and very helpful when drafting ECQ narrative responses. The Guide is available on OPM's Website at:

    Mandatory Professional/Technical Qualification Requirements

    1. Significant experience in providing legal advice and policy guidance in the effective use of sophisticated investigative tools, including electronic surveillance, and the potentially sensitive use of other investigative and prosecutive authorities within the Office's areas of responsibility.
    2. Extensive knowledge and experience with federal criminal practice and related Department of Justice policies.      
    3. Significant experience managing and supervising employees, including reviewing the work product of federal attorneys.   
    4. Experience establishing and maintaining harmonious relationships with stakeholders, including the public, members of Congress, federal law enforcement agencies, United States Attorney's Offices, and Department and Division senior officials.

    Executive/Managerial Requirements:

    ECQ 1 - LEADING CHANGE. This core qualification encompasses the ability to develop and implement an organizational vision, which integrates key national and program goals, priorities, values, and other factors. Inherent to it is the ability to balance change and continuity--to continually strive to improve customer service and program performance within the basic Government framework, to create a work environment that encourages creative thinking, and to maintain focus, intensity and persistence, even under adversity.

    • Leadership Competencies: Creativity & Innovation, Continual Learning, External Awareness, Flexibility, Resilience, Service Motivation, Strategic Thinking, Vision

    ECQ 2 - LEADING PEOPLE. This core qualification involves the ability to design and implement strategies, which maximize employee potential and foster high ethical standards in meeting the organization's vision, mission, and goals.

    • Leadership Competencies: Conflict Management, Cultural Awareness, Integrity/Honesty, Team Building

    ECQ 3 - RESULTS DRIVEN. This core qualification stresses accountability and continuous improvement. It includes the ability to make timely and effective decisions and produce results through strategic planning and the implementation and evaluation of programs and policies.

    • Leadership Competencies: Accountability, Customer Service, Decisiveness, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving, Technical Credibility

    ECQ 4 - BUSINESS ACUMEN. This core qualification involves the ability to acquire and administer human, financial, material, and information resources in a manner which instills public trust and accomplishes the organization's mission, and to use new technology to enhance decision making.       

    • Leadership Competencies: Financial Management, Technology Management, Human Resources Management

    ECQ 5 - BUILDING COALITIONS/COMMUNICATION. This core qualification involves the ability to explain, advocate and express facts and ideas in a convincing manner, and negotiate with individuals and groups internally and externally. It also involves the ability to develop an expansive professional network with other organizations, and to identify the internal and external politics that impact the work of the organization.

    • Leadership Competencies: Influencing/Negotiating, Interpersonal Skills, Oral Communication, Partnering, Political Savvy, Written Communication

    If the selectee is not a current employee of the Offices, Boards, or Divisions of the U.S. Department of Justice, he/she will be required to submit to a urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment.

    Top Secret

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