Mechanical Engineer/Planner

Greenbelt, MD
$80-90K + FT Benefits
Mar 22, 2017
Apr 26, 2017
Full Time

Mechanical Planner - GSFC Greenbelt

Having an individual to focus on Mechanical systems is essential to providing the reliability to the facilities infrastructure that GSFC requires in support of its mission. The mechanical planner focuses on HVAC systems, mechanical-related plumbing, energy metering, HVAC controls, air balancing etc.  Works with maintenance personnel in performing condition assessments at the equipment and system levels and identifying the requirements necessary to sustain these systems. Oversees and assures all mechanical-related condition assessments are kept current and performed uniformly. Develops mechanical projects and associated budgets. Provides project packages identifying project scope, justification, budgets, and schedules. Develops "what if" scenarios relative to mechanical projects and how they affect the facility’s mission. Performs Life Cycle Cost Analysis.

Works with diverse groups of engineers, architects, administrative staff, etc. to data gather/obtain technical requirements and meet specified deadlines. Manages projects that are issued by means of task orders; this entails managing subcontractors as well as team’s maintenance and trades people to efficiently complete the task. Utilizes numerous databases and computer programs and resources to perform job-related duties. Data mines from BAS and CMMS systems to identify trends, problems and provide project justification. Provides support regarding mechanical systems and equipment for Agency Condition Inspections. Develops requirements related to mechanical and related facilities systems for the 5-Year Requirements Plan. Develop requirements related to mechanical systems and related facilities systems for the Short Range Plan.

Requires degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited college/university and must be highly skilled in the use and manipulation of Microsoft Office.  Experience in Auto-CAD design and drafting and other facilities infrastructure database programs preferred. Must have ability to adapt to and explore new advancements in facilities technologies and public speaking experience (used to advocate for projects in front of groups, presenting new ideas/technologies, monthly meetings, etc.) is helpful. Should be a Team Player, working cooperatively with fellow planners, technicians, and government to achieve a common goal.

Mechanical planner will assist and assume the other institutional planning functions when required and as workload dictates. The mechanical planner frequently assists the HVAC and other mechanical-related shops with the troubleshooting of complex problems and systemic issues.  The mechanical planner also could be cross trained to provide assistance to the RCM coordinator in regards to Vibration Analysis and other predictive technologies.

Send resume: or fax: 240-627-1729