Senior Drupal Developer/Tech Lead

SLAIT Consulting
Washington, DC
Mar 20, 2017
Mar 21, 2017
Full Time
We need a Drupal developer at the top of her/his game. Someone who has been in the trenches, dreams in code, and is at the point in her/his career where he/she is looking to architect the solutions, call the technical shots, manage a team of devs, and yet still get in there, roll up the sleeves, and crank out some code. Drupal managers are hard to find because some of the brightest engineering minds just don't manage people well. And some of the best managers just aren't quite technical enough. We're looking for that right mix of software geek and people person. The Job ItselfYour job, fundamentally, is to be the technical project leader. Projects start as ideas and concepts in the sales phase, they grow their cool-factor in the creative department, but someone needs to figure out how the hell to put it altogether-how to bring this project to fruition in a scalable and economically feasible way. That's you. It's not enough to just be able to code the specs. We expect you to help develop them and to weigh in on matters such as best technical approach, alternative ways that make the project better or more efficient, risk factors, and of course, our old friend "estimates." You can't tell us something will take your team 5 weeks and then have it takes 5 months. So a big part of the job is being the technical face of the company to the clients. Go to the meetings, be brilliant, have great ideas, etc. Then come back to the studio and motivate your team to build the best code they can. Every team is different (including the client in that equation), so processes and methodologies can be fluid at times, but it's your job to make sure that there is consistent process and strategy applied to the builds. Finally, like all of our employees, we expect you to push boundaries. The specifications are the starting point. As Walt Disney used to say, "Plus it!" Take what is expected, and then build something that exceeds everyone's expectations. You'll have broad access to our creative and front-end people to help really hone in on the user-facing components of the build so that your work is world-class by the time it goes out the door. What We're Looking ForFirst and foremost, you're a well-rounded, upper-level Drupal developer. You're active in the Drupal community, contribute, go to events, etc.You do front end and back end (and are probably offended that we think there's such a clear line between front and back end dev.)You're not afraid to stand up for better work, even if it would just be easier to agree with the client and move along.You eat DevOps for breakfast.You have a nagging pang to work alongside creative directors, art directors, designers, developers, strategists, and anyone else who you can rope into making a better product.You write really good. And the improper grammar in that sentence offended your senses.You have a crush on drush.You'd rather pick up a phone than write an email.You're the dominate technical force in the room. People walk out of the meeting saying, "Man, that [your name here] really knew her/his stuff."The phrase, "That's not my job" doesn't really make sense to you.Creatives screaming 'pixel perfect' don't scare you.You think migrations are a 'fun challenge'You know when to delegate and when to roll up your sleeves to get coding yourself.You're more of a quarterback than a coach: someone calling the plays, but while still on the field and in the play him/herself.

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