Tutor Recruiter & Manager

Catalyst Prep
Washington, DC
Mar 20, 2017
Mar 21, 2017
Full Time
Tutor Recruiter & Manager Greater Washington, DC Chances are, back when you applied to college or graduate school, things were simpler. Sure, people were competitive about their scores, but the level of stress and anxiety that surrounds exams like the SAT and GRE wasn't nearly as insane as it is today.Catalyst is dedicated to changing the way students experience the process of taking tests and applying to college and graduate school. We employ the brightest, most experienced instructors, and we bring our innovative educational programs to students with patience, understanding, and a much-needed sprinkling of humor and creativity. (Wea€ (TM) re proud to be the only education company in America with an actual New Yorker cartoonist on our team.) We served over 25,000 paying students and 5,000 pro bono students in 2016, and we plan to greatly accelerate our growth in the coming years.The OpportunityAs a Manager of Instruction, you'll be a leader and mentor to upwards of 50 test prep gurus. You'll be responsible for hiring, training, and maintaining a talented corps of teachers, and you'll work closely with our Curriculum Developers and Program Advisors to ensure that our programs are led by instructors who enhance our reputation. You'll be a vital part of our organization and mission by:Recruiting instructors who are likely to be well-received by teenage Homo sapiens and their parents.Cultivating teachers who have talent to burn but may be unfamiliar with our strategies.Ensuring that our tutors understand the non-teaching obligations of their position.You'll be happy and successful in this position if you: Can extreme multi-task on days that test the potency of Starbucksa€ (TM) CaffA Americano.Have an eye for teaching talent and love meeting new people (especially people who can rattle off the ratios of the sides of special right triangles).Are a natural leader who can inspire others and foster a sense of community among individuals who work remotely.Are adept at walking the ultra thin line between mentor and manager, and can exercise your authority when situations demand that you do so.Can quickly vet tutoring candidates to determine whether they would preserve, enhance, or imperil our reputation.RequirementsBachelora€ (TM) s Degree, preferably from a selective university.Outstanding academic chops, including top-notch standardized test scores.Familiarity and ease with technology like Skype and Google Hangout.And bonus points if you:Have extensive teaching or tutoring experience.Are a former member of Teach for America or similar organization.Have appeared on TED. Think youa€ (TM) ve got what it takes to become a Catalyst? Apply for this position.