HVAC Maintenance Technician

AKP Recruiting
Gaithersburg, MD
Mar 20, 2017
Mar 21, 2017
Specialty Trades
Full Time
POSITION SUMMARY: Performs routine and preventive maintenance to include operating, cleaning, inspecting,troubleshooting, adjusting, calibrating, testing, tightening, replacing, lubricating, reportingfindings and making recommendations to owners and property managers. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:Reads, understands, and interprets blueprints, drawings, floor plans, schedules andmanufacturers operating and/or maintenance specifications as they relate to electricalmechanical and HVAC equipment.Maintains and performs trouble shooting, repairs and modifications on a widevariety of light and heavy commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment; rooftop units, central plant equipment (chillers (except for centrifugal) boilers, pumps, cooling towers, heat exchangers) rooftop units to 100 tons, split systems, and control systems for commercial and institutional facilities.Identify and initiate appropriate actions to address seasonal needs for indoor air quality, freeze coil protection, cooling towers, heating, and cooling system change over requirements.Responds to requests for maintenance and service from dispatch to includeemergencies, maintenance problems, system modifications, tests, calibrations, evaluations, repairs, adjustments, and other similar tasks.Uses testing and calibration instrumentation and equipment to evaluate system performance and diagnose problems.Evaluates test data and recommends needed repairs, modifications, and replacements.Measures, calculates, balances and adjusts CFM readings for air delivery systems.Maintain and implement changes to building HVAC equipment lists, operational records, building construction plans, and respective temperature control plans as equipment changes or temperature control strategies are modified.Performs other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned or directed by his/her Dispatcher, Supervisor, or Manager.Utilizes CFC and HCFC refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment, maintains records,and performs service and maintenance repairs in accordance with EPA regulations. QUALIFICATIONS:Completion of High School or equivalent required. An approved accredited post secondary vocational or technical school diploma is required. Five (5) years of commercial HVAC experience may be substituted for the technical school diploma.A minimum of four (4) years maintenance experience in commercial HVAC maintenance or service.An EPA approved "Universal" type CFC certification is required.Valid Drivers LicensePossess the necessary physical requirements, with or without the aid of mechanical devices, to safely perform the duties and responsibilities of this position to include:Lifting and carrying a minimum of fifty (50) pounds.Climbing stairs, ladders, and scaffolding, and working at heights above thirty(30) feet.Perform tasks requiring bending, stooping, kneeling, and walking significantdistances.Working in confined spaces.Working within extreme temperature ranges. Job descriptions are subject to change due to advances in technology, utilization of work force,and other factors that may impact Harvey W. Hottel, Incs. need to modify job descriptions..

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