VP, Executive Producer

Edelman Financial Services
Fairfax, VA
Mar 17, 2017
Mar 21, 2017
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Edelman Financial Services, one of the nationa€ (TM) s largest and most well-known financial planning firms, is seeking aVice President, Executive Producerfor its Fairfax, VA office. This position would be responsible for establishing and implementing all content strategy across all platforms: radio, digital video, seminars and live events, social media, and direct marketing to clients, as well as strategizing any new forms of content to drive the business. This individual is responsible for creating consistent and compelling messaging that conveys the value of Edelman Financial Servicesa€ (TM) offerings, and insight offered by Ric Edelman and the companya€ (TM) s team of professionals. This position would ensure all content channels are cohesive by researching, developing, re-purposing and editing engaging and actionable content. This position will collaborate with all stakeholders, including video producers, radio producers, social media, business analytics and marketing staff to fully coordinate all outbound messaging across multiple media platforms. Responsibilities: Oversee the programming, production and content strategy for all existing media outreach, including the weekly, syndicated radio show, podcasts, television programs and live events.Develop the content strategy, formats and production plans for all new media outreach, including digital video series, social video, live events and seminars, and all client outreach.Create programming formats that fully utilize all Edelman Financial Servicesa€ (TM) subject-matter expertise, insight, experience and wealth management performance.Develop formats and content strategies specifically applicable to the medium of financial services, investment strategies and personal wealth management.Improve the content offerings, navigation and user experience on all digital touchpoints, including web site, podcast, social media platforms, and media used at seminars and live events.Oversee all content management strategy, including the use of catalog and archive content, clustering related content, ensuring the regular updating of time- and date-sensitive content, and the retiring of legacy content.Ensure that all content and media subject matter is up-to-date, timely and relevant to developments happening in the financial markets, political arenas and current events.Review and gather, from a variety of news sources, relevant developments for potential subjects.Identify new media outreach opportunities, using all analytical tools, to drive audience engagement, educational benefit, and grow client base.Lead and manage all content production staff across all platforms.Oversee the quality control of all content across all platforms. Requirements: Bachelora€ (TM) s Degree in Journalism, Marketing, Business or related field requiredMastera€ (TM) s Degree preferredAt least 5-7 yearsa€ (TM) media experience required.Extensive experience in broadcast journalism required.A depth of experience in video-based newsa€"specifically business newsa€"is strongly preferred.A depth of understanding of how to best exploit content across different media formats, each appropriate to the specific media platform, including program length, visual presentation (eg use of graphics, charts and data), talent development, guest or expert booking, for examples.Excellent writing, editing, content presentation and multi-media skills required. A depth of experience in video production at leading, video-based business news outlet is strongly preferred.Knowledge of personal finance, and familiarity with wealth management, strongly preferred.A demonstrated understanding of digital media presentation, usability, navigation required. Knowledge of digital marketing principles strongly preferred.A working knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).Strong communication skills, including journalistic writing, editing, information organization, and presentation.Strong skills with Windows and Microsoft Office programs, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.Strong project management and delegation skills required. Able to prioritize and work efficiently in a high-stress, deadline-driven environment.Strong leadership and management skills required, including of full-time staff, freelancers and vendors/suppliers.Strong decision-making skills. Able to make decisions in a fast-moving environment that is reacting to events in real time.Strong problem-solving skills. Able to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner, based on the timely gathering and analysis of information. For more information:www.edelmanfinancial.com EOE. A comprehensive background check may be conducted on applicants for this position. Edelman Financial Services has an employment at-will policy..

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