Senior Employment Specialist

Alexandria, Virginia
Mar 15, 2017
Apr 07, 2017
Full Time

Job Description:

The Senior Employment Specialist (Licensed) provides full life cycle recruiting at all levels with emphasis on teacher recruitment; partners with Division staffing managers to identify and define specific recruiting needs; develops and uses creative ways to source and recruit for open positions; recommends and coordinates appropriate hires for each open position; monitors and tracks open positions/requisition process; manages on-line job application system (Recruit & Hire); manages publication of weekly job opportunities and advertisements for division-wide instructional and support positions. This job reports to Director Employment Services.


  • Education: Bachelor's degree in job related area.
  • Certificates & Licenses: HR Certifications preferred, not required.
  • Experience:
    • At least 1-3 years of recruitment experience in a professional services setting.
    • Experience recruiting teachers preferred, not required.
    • Must be Proficient in MS Office.
    • K-12 teaching experience a plus.

Essential Functions:

  • Assists applicants with limited computer skills for the purpose of successfully completing the application.
  • Assists in maintaining compliance for the purpose of adhering to federal, state, and local employment laws related to recruitment and participate in compliance audits.
  • Prepares reports for HR Department and School Board as needed.
  • Assists in writing job descriptions and interfacing with Hiring Managers for the purpose of determining needs of the School Division.
  • Composes correspondence (e.g. regret letters, internally and externally advertise, e-mails etc.) for the purpose of providing support or conveying information to applicants and staff.
  • Conducts training sessions for support staff members on Recruit & Hire for the purpose of ensuring efficient use of software.
  • Coordinates with HR staff for the purpose of drafting offer letters, assembling and mailing new hire packets.
  • Coordinates ACPS job fairs for the purpose of screening applicants, scheduling interviews, and preparing interview packets.
  • Develops and maintains HR recruiting website for the purpose of posting positions to appropriate Internet sources and improve the Division website recruiting page to assist in marketing efforts.
  • Develops and provides metrics and statistics for the purpose of providing information on recruiting efforts.
  • Develops recruiting schedule for career fairs, on-campus recruiting visits and site interviews for the purpose of attending the events and/or the scheduling of others to attend the events.
  • Escorts job candidates to various work sites in the Division for the purpose of orientation visits.
  • Focuses on building strong relationship with candidates for the purpose of encouraging them to join the Division.
  • Maintains an accurate database using Winocular (e.g. users and security rights) for the purpose of meeting state, local and School Division regulation.
  • Maintains record of communication with applicants for the purpose of documenting department activities and meeting state, local and school system regulatory requirements.
  • Maintains, uploads, and updates supporting documents of applicants (e.g. resumes, transcripts, certifications, references, etc.) for the purpose of generating needed information and to meet state, local and School Division regulatory requirements.
  • Makes modifications to Winocular software (e.g. add/delete/edit validation tables) for the purpose of ensuring efficient and productive use of software.
  • Places and manages advertisements for the purpose of posting openings in newspaper advertisement, with community or professional organizations, and other position-appropriate venues.
  • Reviews resumes for the purpose of qualifying resumes for various positions.
  • Schedules interviews for the purpose of arranging potential applicants for interviews with school/department management.
  • Screens reviews, and interprets applications to maintain appropriate application status for the purpose of completing employment verification and work experience.
  • Travels workdays and/or overnight for the purpose of of attending job fairs with or without other school staff.
  • Updates Applicant Tracking System for the purpose of ensuring efficient and productive use of the system.
  • Visits school sites for the purpose of assessing and resolving recruiting issues.
  • Assists other personnel and performs other duties as may be required to ensure an efficient and effective work environment.


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