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Department Of Justice, U.S. M...
Arlington, Virginia
Mar 15, 2017
Mar 22, 2017
Full Time


The United States Marshals Service is the nation's oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency. The missions of the Service include protection of the judiciary, court security, witness security, asset seizure and forfeiture, apprehension of fugitives, prisoner transportation and custody. As the country's first federal Law enforcement agency, the United States Marshals Service (USMS) mission is "To protect, defend, and enforce the American justice system." With this mission, USMS staff is responsible for protecting the federal judiciary system, apprehending federal fugitives, managing and selling seized assets acquired by criminals through illegal activities, housing and transporting federal prisoners and operating the Witness Security Program.

Who May Apply: You may apply if you are a US Citizen or National.

  • Occasional Travel
  • May be required to travel 1 to 5 nights per month.

  • No

  • U.S. Citizenship Required.
  • Must pass a pre-employment background investigation and drug screening.
  • A one year trial/probationary period may be required.
  • MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: To be considered minimally qualified for this position, you must demonstrate that you have the required specialized experience for the respective grade level(s) in which you are applying: 

    Basic Requirements:

    • Successfully completed a full 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree with a major in any field.
    • Successfully completed 24 semester hours in any combination of the following fields: accounting, business, finance, law, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and management.
    • Held a position in the Federal service in the GS-1102 Contract Specialist series by January 1, 2000, that was held at the grade level 5 or higher, and continually held the occupational series since January 1, 2000.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    To qualify for the GS-12 level: Have one or more years of specialized work experience equivalent to at least the GS-11 grade level in the Federal service performing the following duties: 1) examining proposals for compliance with specifications, purchase descriptions, and applicable clauses; 2) advising team leads and/or team managers on procurement strategies; 3) administering procurement of goods and services; and 4) coordinating approval processes for procurement documentation and the preparation of solicitation packages, such as the justification for non-competitive procurements and contract ratifications.

    To qualify for the GS-13 level: Have one or more years of specialized work experience equivalent to at least the GS-12 grade level in the Federal service performing the following duties: 1) developing contractual strategies for acquisitions; 2) advising management and/or Contracting Officers on matters pertaining to procurement actions; 3) conducting price analysis and market research; 4) guiding Program Offices in the development of their statement of work and/or performance work statements and different documents within acquisition packages; and 5) utilizing financial systems in accordance with established rules, regulations, and policies.

    IN DESCRIBING YOUR EXPERIENCE, PLEASE BE CLEAR AND SPECIFIC. WE MAY NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS REGARDING YOUR EXPERIENCE. If your resume does not support your questionnaire answers, we will not allow credit for your response(s). 

    All qualifications requirements for this position must be met within 30 days of the closing date of this announcement.

    Additional Conditions of Employment:

    • Become and maintain appropriate FAC-C (Federal Acquisition Certificate in Contracting) certification to be assigned as a USMS warrant holder.

    Public Trust - Background Investigation

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