English Language Program Manager

Bethesda, Maryland
Mar 13, 2017
Apr 17, 2017
Program Manager
Full Time

English Language Program Manager

Rochambeau, the French International School, is an independent non-profit school, accredited by the French Ministry of Education and operating within the convention with the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE). As a member of this unique network of nearly 500 schools in 135 countries worldwide, we offer the best of an education system acclaimed for the breadth of its program and its teaching of skill, providing its students with critical thinking, discipline and rigor.  Rochambeau is the only school in Washington DC and its surroundings to provide preschool through 12th grade education based on a unique combination of the French programs and a high quality English program.

Rochambeau Mission & Values Statement: http://www.rochambeau.org/page.cfm?p=510 

Job Purpose

The English Language Program Manager position was established for the purpose of managing, disseminating, and receiving information related to the English Language department in primary and secondary and providing guidance and supervision based on subject area knowledge and experience.

The English Language Program Manager will be a strong, innovative supervisor, with solid academic credentials, who will manage and lead the English academic programs to the next level of achievement.  She/he will motivate and inspire faculty, students and parents to fulfill the school’s goals. He or she will be responsible for supervision, evaluation, improvement and accountability within the school of the English language from Nursery to Grade 12, including giving assignments and responsibly directing the faculty and staff in the programs.  He or she will exercise independent discretion in the leadership and management of English language programs. He or she will have authority to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward, or discipline faculty and staff in the English programs or to make effective recommendations about those actions.

English Language Program Manager


  • The English Language Program Manager is employed by the Rochambeau Foundation and reports directly to the Academic Director.
  • He/she will carry out, under the authority of the Academic Director, the academic aspects of the English Language program as defined by him/her.
  • He/she will make effective recommendations for hiring and terminating English teachers in primary and secondary who will be under his/her direct authority.
  • He/she will recruit and evaluate all English teachers in primary and secondary who will be under his/her direct authority.
  • He/she will work closely with the Directors of the Primary (expatriates) and secondary school regarding all English language program academic-related matters.


  • He/she will keep abreast of progress and changes in programs from Preschool to 12 grade and together with the Academic Dean ensure that the community is kept informed.
  • Under the direction of the Academic Director, he/she will lead a reflection on teacher training and ensure that the chosen course of action is followed through.
  • He/she will prepare and deliver performance evaluations for English teachers in primary and secondary
  • He/she will provide support for the Academic director for the pedagogical side of the AIMS accreditation process,
  • He/she will be an attentive partner to the parent community concerning English Language courses offered to students and ways forward.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of his/her projects / activities:

  • Ensures coherence, continuity and legibility of the English curriculum from preschool to 12 grade, in particular between the key stages of 5th and 9th grades.
  • Develops bilingual projects and links between the Rochambeau English Language Program and the contents of the Rochambeau French Program.  
  • Assists Academic Director in determining effective methods for the integration of English Language curriculum standards, instructional strategies, and the developmental use of authentic assessment in coordination with the French curriculum.
  • Confers with staff as may be appropriate regarding instructional techniques, planning or learning situation, managing flexible grouping.
  • Assists with data organization from all assessments and standardized testing.
  • Review student placement in English abilities groups.
  • Defines and suggests new pedagogical development measures for the English curriculum to give substance, to vary and to diversify the courses offered bearing in mind the financial aspect of what we offer and the impact on the examinations department.
  • Chairs the English academic working group in Primary and Secondary.
  • Takes part in recruitment, hiring and evaluation of English elementary and secondary members of faculty together with the directors and the Academic Director.
  • Makes effective recommendations about disciplinary action, suspension, termination, transfer of  English Program faculty and staff to the Academic Director
  • Assignment and direction of faculty and staff in the English program, consistent with the leadership of the Academic director
  • Identifies professional development needs and develops long-range professional development plans for the English teachers.
  • Develops a training program for new English teachers to follow through their insertion and comprehension of Rochambeau system during the first two years.
  • Actively promotes the School with the help of Development and Communications departments (Open House, forum, etc.).
  • Creates links with AIMS schools in the area, and favors the exchange of teaching practices with these schools and English programs in the network of French schools in North America.
  • Organizes, Coordinates, supervises standardized testing with the US college counselor/

The above description is not exhaustive of any other missions which could contribute to the development of the school.

Required Skills and Experience

  • A Bachelor or a Master's degree in education and teaching credential.
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in education with at least 5 in a leadership or supervisory position.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in bilingual education (French-English preferred).
  • The English Language Program Manager is required to possess an excellent knowledge of the American educational systems; curriculum and schedules from preschool to 12th grade classes, language certifications, Common Core Standards, and SATs and other standardized testing.
  • An unwavering commitment to data-driven instruction
  • Understanding of accreditation process and strong analytical abilities
  • High level of organization and resourcefulness, with a keen ability to be on top of the day-to-day management of a school and the ability to exercise good independent judgment
  • Fluency in English and excellent communication skills with families and faculty and exemplary oral and written communication skills.


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