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Alexandria, Virginia
Up to $31K/year plus benefits
Mar 11, 2017
May 10, 2017
Education, Nonprofit
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Program Instructors work as a team of educators to deliver a variety of on-site based programming for Middle School students from across the United States. As a non-profit/non-partisan leader in civic education since 1971, Close Up’s mission is to provide student’s from all backgrounds an inside look into the history of the United States, how our government works, and the roles individual citizen can play in our democracy. Primarily using Washington, D.C. as a classroom, Program Instructors will lead students through a program week designed to complement many civics, government and history classroom learning objectives. Every program is designed to incorporate best practices in teaching to engage students in contemporary key public policy discussions using a combination of on-site visits to historic monuments and memorials, as well as facilitating student workshops (classroom type activities). 

The Program Instructor schedule is not a typical nine to five work week. Instead each week will mirror the program schedule to which an Instructor is assigned, ranging from 40 hours a week to 60 hours a week. Program schedules typically run from 8 am through 10 pm most days, and programs typically start late afternoon on Sundays and run through Thursdays. We are currently hiring for contracts that run from March 27 to June 16. This training class with initially only be trained to work with our Middle School students and programs. 

The Program Instructor salary is $600 a week plus benefits. Benefits include all program scheduled meals, up to $120 a month in free Metro benefits, Medical, Dental, Life, and the opportunity to receive a free Graduate Credit upon completion of the contract with an accompanying research paper. In addition, if you complete your contract, you will receive a $1000 completion bonus.

Program Instructors will also be provided 120 hours of paid pre-program training, in additional to having on-going professional development support during the entire contract. Successful Program Instructors are also highly encouraged to return to Close Up in a variety of different capacities for another program season, as well as strongly encouraged to apply for different positions throughout the Foundation to support our mission. Close Up will also provide support for successful Program Instructors who might look for other employment opportunities at the end of their contract.

If you are excited about the prospect of becoming a Program Instructor, we welcome you to apply and explore how you can be part of an amazing network of Program Instructors who have led more than 825,000 students over 45 years through an “once-in-a-lifetime” Close Up experience.  


(1)    Must have a bachelor’s degree (preferably in political science, history, education, social science or related field);

(2)    Be capable of keeping up with the intensity of the Program (early morning to late evening), hopping on and off buses throughout the day, preparing and leading daily program components, and coordinating the movement of a large group of students on all program activities in the Washington, D.C. area and other program locations.

Please submit a cover letter with your application

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