Senior Account Manager (Research)

Rosslyn, Virginia
Salary is negotiable - based upon experience
Mar 10, 2017
Apr 14, 2017
Full Time

The Senior Account Manager position involves supporting the implementation of CX Solutions research and practices projects through task planning and management, specifications writing, program design, data analysis, quality control, managing vendor partners, and assisting with the preparation of key findings and reports.

In addition to project management and account support, client consultation, development of operational plans and strategic performance improvement plans are required in this position. The position involves gathering and understanding client requests, assessing resources needed to execute requests, providing direction to employees supporting your projects, reading and analyzing survey and other operational data results, and developing findings and action plans as client deliverables.  These findings may range from simple data figures and analytics to strategic action plans to improve client performance.

Experience, Education and Special Skill Requirement

BA or BS required; MS or MBA preferred. Preferred disciplines of study include Marketing Research or Applied Social Science.  At least 5 to 7 years of experience in a mix of the following work areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction/Customer Experience Research
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Market Research Analysis

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required

  • Project management, including managing tasks, resources, schedules, deliverables, and profitability
  • Basic understanding of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)
  • Client management
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills. Strong presentation skills a plus.
  • Effective completion of error-free deliverables
  • Excellent attention to detail and strong verbal and writing skills
  • Ability to interpret analytic results and provide actionable recommendations
  • Work independently with minimal supervision
  • Manage and meet multiple competing deadlines
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office 2010 Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Ability to critically think about processes and deliverables, find issues, propose solutions, and escalate issues when necessary

Reporting Relationships

Position reports to:

Vice President Level

Position formally supervises:  No

Position indirectly supervises:  Yes

Key Working Relationships

CX Solutions Management Team

CX Solutions Account Managers

Client Contacts

Travel Required


Work Environment

Standard business office setting 

Performance Expectations

Project Management & Specifications: ~ 60% of time will be spent on the following:

Collaborate with Vice President on tasks including, but not limited to the following:

Project Management

  • Creating schedules & documentation (i.e., FAQ documentation, interview and reporting schedules)
  • Updating project specification documents & timelines in online system
  • Managing the adherence to timelines and deliverables
  • Review project guidelines to determine possible efficiencies to reduce project costs or optimize processes
  • Internally manage research team with minimal oversight during high visibility situations; this may range from discovery of a reporting error to new report deliverable. 
  • Perform quality assurance review on report center functionality once every quarter.  Key areas to review are
    • Metrics/calculations
    • Segmentation
    • Aesthetics

Report Development and Delivery

  • Online
    • Gathering client requests/business structure/needs
    • Creating report specifications, including designing reports and providing full detail to IT department about variable names, metrics, filters, user access, etc.
    • Quality assurance of reports
  • PowerPoint
    • Creating report templates (PowerPoint/Excel)
    • Develop research plan for analyst team with recommended methodologies included
    • Populate templates with relevant data, findings, and actionable recommendations for client
    • Present findings and supporting data to client

Vendor Management:

  • Monitoring quotas on a regular basis to ensure they are set up properly
  • Updating project specifications as they relate to vendor upon client request
  • Proactively working with vendors and alerting clients if there are any issues/upcoming challenges
  • Review responses for projects to ensure quality

Survey Development

  • Creating initial drafts of survey instruments (including programming notes)
  • Ability to layer in questions that relate to the emotional aspect of the customer interaction experience and are translatable to actionable recommendations

Sample Specifications

  • Providing information/templates to clients
  • Reviewing initial sample files for quality
  • Providing specifications (i.e., recodes, new variables) to IT
  • Quality control of the samples
  • Managing client specification changes including documentation and quality assurance

Ad Hoc Analysis: ~15% of the time will be spent on:

Ad hoc Analysis

  • Basic Excel Analysis including:
    • Vlookup/HLookup
    • Pivot Tables
  • Descriptive statistical techniques:
    • Means, Proportion %, etc.
    • Cross-tabulations
    • Statistical Significance testing
  • Advanced Analytics including:
    • Linear regression
    • Regression trees
    • Cluster analysis
  • Perform required recodes
  • Case Weighting
  • Develop the Verbatim code books

Sales and RFP Writing: New and Existing Contracts ~ 15%

  • Provide cost estimates and change orders to existing contracts
  • Update sales tracker with any change orders delivered to clients
  • Aid in the cost estimates and proposal writing for renewals and potential new clients
  • Includes both research and practices sales

Expertise: Subject Matter and Customer Experience Industry ~5%

It is the responsibility of the Sr. Account Manager to begin developing a subject matter expertise in order to better provide recommendations and advice to their clients.  This entails remaining informed about current events in the industry, new research on best practices, and understanding the competitive landscape.

It is also the responsibility of the Sr. Account Manger to begin developing a Customer Experience Industry expertise.  Similar to subject matter expertise, this entails remaining informed about current events in the industry and new research methodologies.  Further, it is the Sr. Account Manager’s responsibility to fully understand the applications and benefits of these new methodologies.

Training and Coaching ~ 5%

It is the responsibility of the Sr. Account Manager to both mentor current Research Analysts and Account Managers to improve the quality/efficiency of CX Solutions’ work and learn from other Sr. Account Managers and Account Directors to improve their own skill set.  The expectation of CX Solutions is for an individual to continually developed skills and expertise to reach their full potential. 

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