Mar 10, 2017
Mar 27, 2017
IT, QA Engineer
Full Time
Job Title: QUALITY ASSURANCE CHEMIST Closing Date/Time: Fri. 03/24/17 11:59 PM Eastern Time Salary: $28.04 - $42.84 Hourly
$2,243.20 - $3,427.20 Biweekly
$58,323.20 - $89,107.20 Annually
Job Type: Full-Time Location: Water Pollution Control Bureau - 3402 S. Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia       The Department of Environmental Services (DES) is searching for a Quality Assurance Chemist  (QAC) for the Water Pollution Control Bureau's Laboratory unit. The Laboratory unit provides analytical services to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and other County agencies, and is a Certified Wastewater Laboratory. The Quality Assurance (QA) program is part of the Laboratory unit that oversees the Laboratory Quality System. The QAC is responsible for the Laboratory Quality System and its implementation and serves as the local point for QA program and implements the Virginia Environmental Laboratory Certification Program in accordance with the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services.

This employee is responsible for maintaining a system that meets or exceeds regulations and includes the following components: records management; internal and external audits; a Laboratory Quality Assurance Manual; standard operating procedures (SOPs); training and proficiency testing of laboratory technologists and plant operations staff; and serving as a liaison with regulatory agencies for regular audits and certification activities. Quality is regulated for all laboratory testing procedures and collection methodologies; equipment calibration, condition and operation; quality of analysis, both from internal staff and contract laboratories; materials and chemical storage, labeling and usage; reporting and data documentation; and the physical environment in the laboratory.
Specific duties include:
  • Writing SOPs for advanced instrumentation analytical procedures and ensuring that laboratory staff have access to the most current methods;
  • Ensuring the accuracy of information within the Laboratory Information Management System;
  • Training the laboratory personnel on QA policies and procedures;
  • Implementing certification process for laboratory personnel, and prepare appropriate protocols and training plans to ensure certification of lab;
  • Conducting internal audits to assess the laboratory's compliance with the Laboratory Quality Assurance Manual (LQAM) and written SOPs;
  • Maintaining records on internal laboratory audits, government agency audits, lab performance evaluation results, and responding to any audit or lab performance evaluation reports;
  • Monitoring the validity of the analyses performed and data generated in the laboratory to assure reliable data and examining calculations used in the analyses;
  • Ensuring calibration and standardization of Laboratory equipment, setting up and maintaining an instrument preventive maintenance program, and planning monthly, quarterly and yearly instrument calibrations and;
  • Preparing comprehensive qualitative and statistical reports on the quality control program and non-conformances, required logs, test records, lab results, analytical reports, special process reports and other documentation or correspondence.

 Selection Criteria: Minimum: Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Biology or related Science, plus considerable experience in performing both routine/wet chemistry testing and advanced analyses on water or wastewater in an environmental laboratory, including one year of experience working with a quality assurance program.

Substitution: Additional directly related experience may substitute for the Bachelor's Degree on a year-for-year basis.

Desirable:  Experience using Excel, SharePoint, and/or Hach WIMS or similar Laboratory Information Management System data base programs.
 Additional Information: Please complete each section of the application. A resume may be attached, however, it will not substitute for the completed application. Your responses to the supplemental questionnaire are required for this position. Please do not give "see resume" as a response to the questions. Incomplete applications will not be considered.