Intercultural Communication Facilitator

African Education Network
Home-based, DC
Mar 02, 2017
Mar 21, 2017
Full Time

African Education Network (AEN) defines itself as a cross-continental network to advocate multi-facet development in Africa via education. It has been registered as a non-profit organization with the Government of the District of Columbia in the United States since January 2017.

Many CBOs (community-based organizations, including NGOs operating at the community level) in Africa are rooted in the community and more closely connected with the local people and resources than other entities. However, these organizations oftentimes are not widely known as they function mainly at the community level, lacking attention and support from the international community. Their great work is not commensurate with the recognition they have received.

Witnessing the lack of effective communication between African CBOs and the global youth who are eager to engage themselves in Africa, in particular, AEN seizes the opportunity to bridge communication gaps via education. It engages CBOs in Africa and the young people around the world, facilitating the communication between the two sides to foster mutual trust and in-depth cooperation.

Believing that education is an essential means to achieve mutual understanding and improve the communication out of a kaleidoscope of social purposes, AEN is expected to deliver its work through a unique educational approach. This approach integrates three core components: intercultural communication, organizational learning, and newsletter distribution.

Description of the Position

The Intercultural Communication Facilitators design and implement intercultural training sessions and/or one-on-one interventions to facilitate intercultural communication, negotiation and conflict intermediation. They work under the supervision of the AEN's Intercultural Communication Manager. Their responsibilities consist of:

  • Designing activities for the monthly multicultural awareness activities proposed to the staff;
  • Designing the step-by-step plans and strategies for on-site counseling and actively piloting counseling projects under the Manager's supervision, periodically discussing the emerging challenges in the design and implementation processes;
  • Writing blog articles that inform the public of the intercultural communication cases, preferably based upon their personal experience, and editing and publishing the blog articles submitted by other AEN volunteers;
  • Designing the step-by-step plans and strategies for the pre-departure training sessions for international young people planning to volunteer in an African country (currently AEN focuses on Uganda);
  • Assisting with the design of intervention strategies to deal with conflict situations that are either internal, to AEN's staff and interns, or external, between partner organizations and international volunteers;
  • Completing other emerging tasks as needed for AEN's Intercultural Communication Section.

An availability of 7 hours per week is needed for this position. The incumbent will start working from April 3rd, 2017.


We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a Master's Degree in Social/Intercultural Psychology, Intercultural Training/Communication or a related field. Undergraduate students and college graduates with demonstrated interests or work experience are also encouraged to apply. Experience in the non-profit sector is highly appreciated. The ideal candidate will possess excellent writing and interpersonal skills, with strong commitment to AEN's values and mission.

Code & Conditions

An offer of assignment and a copy of the Conditions of Service and Code of Conduct will be issued to the successful candidate. He or she will receive training before the work officially starts. Please note this position is unpaid, as AEN is a non-profit organization and cannot offer financial retribution at this stage. Most of the work will be done online through the AEN's intranet, remote control system, and emails.

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