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Feb 27, 2017
Mar 22, 2017
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About the Agency

We are committed to:

  • Teamwork: Partnering at all levels and across organizational boundaries for mission accomplishment.
  • Integrity: Adherence to the highest legal and ethical principles in our responsibilities.
  • Excellence: Unrivaled defense intelligence expertise.
  • Service: Putting the welfare of the Nation and commitment to our mission before oneself.

  • - U.S. Citizenship - Drug Test - Security Investigation


    Mandatory Factors: (Each must be addressed separately in your Supplementary Narrative Statement. One page maximum per Technical Qualification.)

    1. Demonstrated knowledge on a broad spectrum of IT concept to include the development, deployment, integration, operations and maintenance of large scale enterprise networks and
    telecommunications, mission and business systems operations and maintenance, cloud technologies and deployment of applications and services to the cloud along with the associated maintenance within a cloud environment.

    2. Expertise in managing a large and worldwide distributed IT enterprise that encompasses multiple domains to provide IT support, services and cyber security in a timely, effective, efficient and secure manner.

    3. Knowledge of information systems security and cyber network security concepts, coupled with the ability to assess potential and real threats to systems and networks and to formulate solutions, develop cost models and document comprehensive mitigation strategies for national level systems.

    4. Proven ability to develop and illustrate successful alternatives to high-risk communications or systems, and the ability to present those alternatives at the Agency head level for decision.

    5. Knowledge of new and emerging technological developments that can be merged into existing security models to address critical issues such as mobile computing security, advanced persistent threat mitigation, comprehensive security metrics development and coordinated incident response.

    6. Highly developed interpersonal aptitude (emotional intelligence) as demonstrated by an accurate self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, sensitivity to others and other points of view, and the resiliency and adaptability to respond appropriately in a wide variety of situations, cultivating trust and effective interpersonal relationships among and with peers, superiors and subordinates.

    7. Demonstrated ability to foster a success-oriented, accountable work environment by motivating and leading teams or effectively following others lead by identifying and supporting the leader(s) and improving team cohesiveness, working cooperatively with individuals from other groups or organizations and taking an encouraging, supportive and inclusive approach to planning, consensus-building and decision making.

    8. Work experience which qualifies for joint duty certification under Intelligence Community Directive 601. Qualifying experience requires at least 12 months of satisfactory performance at a pay grade of at least GS-13 (or equivalent) after 11 September 2001 in positions such as: prior military service; a detail, rotational, or temporary assignment to another agency in the
    Intelligence Community or equivalent experience in the private sector, academia, or other Federal or state agencies.

    Highly Desired Factors:
    (Each may be addressed in your Supplemental Narrative Statement. One page maximum per factor.)

    1. In-depth analytic and engineering skills gained through a combination of advanced academic studies at the postgraduate level and through experience.

    2. A thorough understanding of the missions, responsibilities, and information requirements of the Combatant Commands, the Service Intelligence organizations, and the National Intelligence Community.

    3. One or more of the intelligence cycle disciplines of planning and direction, collections, processing and exploitation, analysis and production or dissemination and integration.

    4. Completion of a leadership development program such as DIA GEMSTONE or equivalent leadership training.

    All applicants must be U.S. citizens and are subject to a thorough background inquiry.

    Top Secret/SCI

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