Teacher-World and Classical Language

Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Feb 24, 2017
Mar 31, 2017
Full Time
  • Establishes clear goals and objectives related to the curriculum.
  • Plans and prepares lessons, assignments, and instructional materials, including issues/concerns as noted in the School Improvement Plan.
  • Establishes learning objectives consistent with appraisal of student needs, curriculum framework, and knowledge of human growth and development.
  • Prepares, administers and corrects evaluations and assessments, and records results.
  • Selects and uses appropriate language acquisition strategies including, but not limited to, total physical response, cooperative learning, language experience, and multi-media teaching aids to present subject matter to students.
  • Evaluates student progress using appropriate assessment techniques.
  • Observes and assesses student behavior to establish and maintain discipline in the classroom conducive to effective learning.
  • Takes all necessary safety precautions to protect students and materials of instruction.
  • Models desired outcomes/skills to enhance student success.
  • Creates a classroom environment that provides for student involvement in the learning process and that enables each student to achieve learning objectives.
  • Communicates with pupils when academic and behavioral problems arise, and exchanges information regarding appropriate behavior in the learning environment.
  • Confers with parents and students regarding progress/problems of assigned students; arranges and participates in teacher-parent or teacher-student conferences as necessary.
  • Serves on special committees as warranted.
  • Monitors and ensures appropriate use and care of equipment, textbooks, materials and facilities.
  • Maintains accurate and complete records as required by law, Board Policy and Administrative Regulation.
  • Attends and actively participates in staff/faculty meetings and provides input regarding the planning of instructional goals, objectives and methods.
  • Improves skill and knowledge base of current trends, research and methodology in instructional techniques, technology, multicultural content, problem solving and interdisciplinary connections.
  • Plans, discusses, and supervises purposeful assignments for instructional assistants, teacher assistants, and volunteers.
  • Facilitates language acquisition process for diverse learners.
  • Implements integration of technology into the classroom.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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