Public Affairs Specialist

Feb 02, 2017
Apr 20, 2017
Full Time
Directly supports the Public Affairs Director to assist in advising commanders at all levels. Assists in developing PA plans and programs.  Assists the Director in formulating and releasing command messages to the RS PAO. Serves as liaison between the PA director, commander and all units. Provides coordination and representation in planning and operations as needed. Prepares, produces, and distributes printed and electronic information to down trace units and RS PAO. Assists in the development and acquisition of print and visual information products in support of command programs used in installation command communication channels. Assists the director in advising the commander on audience attitudes and perceptions of policies, programs, and information needs. Conducts regular assistance visits to command units to assess their PA programs and determine the commander’s needs for support. Assists in the accomplishment of campaign plan specific goals as specified by the COR.  Does not speak or release information on behalf of the U.S. Government.

Education Bachelors Degree in a related technical discipline or the equivalent combination of education, technical training, or work experience.

    Graduated from the Defense Information School Basic Public Affairs Writer Course, or Public Affairs Officer Qualification Course with a score of 80 or above.
Qualifications *8-10 years experience

*Secret Clearance required

    Possess a military background with eight or more years of military experience in the field of public affairs. Must have received an honorable discharge as verified by a form DD-214 (U.S. Military). Personnel who have been discharged with a characterization of “General under other than honorable”, “Bad Conduct”, or “Dishonorable” are disqualified from this position.Computer skills including MS Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word) and Internet Explorer.Fluent in English.Ability to operate a digital camera and photo editing software.Willing to work a 12-hour shift per day.

    Working conditions at assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable, with long hours, exposure to weather, dust, and hazardous, harsh conditions.

    Able to don all required personal protective gear and physically execute assigned duties.