Basing Team Officer

Feb 02, 2017
Mar 28, 2017
Full Time
The Basing Team Officer (BTO) directly supports the Director of Operations, CJ-4 and is responsible for assisting the CJ-4 with overall development, implementation, management, and direction of U.S. engineering and basing efforts. The BTO assists the CJ-4 in coordinating and monitoring U.S. base transitions, infrastructure related programs, initiatives and projects, environmental compliance, and real estate. Coordinates with other agencies and engineering programs.  Assists CJ-4 in all basing operations and plans oversight. Develops future plans to support policy and execution of base closure/ transfers/growth. Advises the CJ-4 to ensure statutory requirements are fulfilled supporting accountability of equipment, facilities, environmental, contracts, and final site turnover. Synchronizes engineering deconstruction efforts. Develops and tracks critical metrics and CCIR’s. Produces Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), reports, and briefings for General Officer level meetings and forums for the J-4.  Assists in the accomplishment of campaign plan specific goals as specified by the COR.

Education BS/BA Degree

    Citizen of the United States.Possess a military background in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marines logistics field having achieved the grade of CW3, O3 or above.
Qualifications 2-5 years of experience

    10 years of Contract Management experience.Computer skills including MS Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word) and Internet Explorer.Ability to respond rapidly and sufficiently to changing requirements, unexpected contingencies and other challenging situations.Ability to manage available resources in time sensitive situationsFluent in English.Willing to work a 12-hour shift per day.

    Working conditions at assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable, with long hours, exposure to weather, dust and hazardous harsh conditions.

    Able to don all required personal protective gear and physically execute assigned duties.

    * Must be willing to deploy from Camp Vance to all NSOCC-A/SOJTF-A outstations in the CJOA-A through secure controlled moves via Air and Ground means. This is critical in their ability to perform their directed duties. Any duties performed outside the wire will be coordinated through the office they support at NSOCC-A/SOJTF-A for security