Future Operations Planner

Feb 01, 2017
Mar 23, 2017
Full Time
The FUOPS Planner directly supports the Director of Future of Operations, CJ-35 to assist in developing plans and orders for NSOCC-A/SOJTF-A. References campaign assessments to integrate into branch, phase, or sequel plan integration and issuance across the staff. Ensures continuity of operations between Current Operations (CUOPS) and Future Plans within the CJ-35 staff. Provides focus and attention on the Train, Advise, and Assist efforts in the Afghan Local Police Special Operations Advisory Group (ALP SOAG), General Command for Police Special Units (GCPSU) SOAG, and Ktah Khas Afghanistan (KKA) SOAG to inform the CJ-35 staff on current and future plans and actions. Assists the CJ-35 in identifying the Commander’s Critical Information Requirements (CCIR) and decision points.  Assists in the accomplishment of campaign plan specific goals as specified by the COR.

Education High School Diploma/GED 

1. Citizen of the United States.


2. Possess a military background as a U.S. military operational level planner having attained the rank of E-8, CW3, O3 or higher.

Qualifications *1-3 years

*Top Secret Clearance Required (TS/SCI)

      Possesses understanding of the US Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)Possesses experience or has completed formal training on the Military Plans ProcessComputer skills including MS Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word) and Internet Explorer.Ability to respond rapidly and sufficiently to changing requirements, unexpected contingencies and other challenging situations.Ability to manage available resources in time sensitive situations.Fluent in English with excellent oral and written communications skills.Willing to work a 12-hour shift per day.

      Working conditions at assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable, with long hours, exposure to weather, dust and hazardous harsh conditions.

      Able to don all required personal protective gear and physically execute assigned duties.