The Federal Judicial Center - Education Division Internships

Washington D.C.
Jan 17, 2017
Dec 29, 2017
Full Time

The Federal Judicial Center (FJC) is the federal courts' agency for continuing education and research. Congress established the Center in 1967 as a separate organization within the federal judicial system at the request of the Judicial Conference of the United States. A nine-member board chaired by the Chief Justice of the United States, determines its basic policies. The FJC is located in the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building which is immediately adjacent to Union Station.

The Education Division produces educational programs, materials, and resources for federal court of appeals, district, bankruptcy, and magistrate judges and for federal judicial branch employees, including persons serving in clerk of court, probation and pretrial services offices. The Division delivers education and resources through a variety of means including: in-person programs to which participants travel; in-person programs conducted in courthouses for local participants; audio-, video-, and web conferences; programs and materials delivered over the courts intranet; and printed publications. The Education Division contains four teams: Judicial and Legal Education, Executive Education, Management & Professional Development, and Probation & Pretrial Programs.

  • Not Required

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Ability to engage with and complete the activities listed in position description.

Students currently enrolled and seeking an undergraduate degree at a qualifying educational institution, on a full or half-time basis (US Citizens only)

All new employees with the Federal Judicial Center will be subject to a FBI security background check. The security check will require an electronic fingerprint analysis. The internship is a provisional hire subject to a favorable background check. Relatives of Center staff members may not be employed at the Center in any capacity. The Center does not provide housing or transportation.

The GS-0399-3 pay plan/series/grade is used for reference only. The actual position falls within the BF pay band that is unique to this organization and is specified as BF/0399/01.

Not Applicable


  • develop and conduct training needs assessment surveys of judicial employees and/or officers
  • analyze survey data and compile reports
  • analyze and summarize participant evaluations of Center educational programs
  • participate in program planning committee meetings
  • assist in the development and delivery of live web conferences by researching topics, using the internet and other resources
  • develop PowerPoint presentations
  • create handouts, assemble and ship materials
  • update existing education programs and learning tools, including web-based training programs, through research and other tasks
  • review newspapers, journals, and related publications for relevant essays or reports about effective education and training activities
  • review and summarize commercial video-, audio-, and print-based educational media for use as training aids in the federal courts and recommend to senior staff the purchase of such materials to include in the Center?s Media Library
  • interact with judicial employees and/or officers nationwide, via telephone, email, intranet and in-person
  • conduct informational interviews for stories for Court to Court programs
  • use the internet and other resources to conduct short and long-term research projects on topics ranging from legal issues to leadership in the public sector to developments in the federal sentencing policy and the supervision of offenders
  • carry out a range of technical and office support activities