Subject Matter Expert - Air Curriculum

Bethesda, MD
Jan 12, 2017
Apr 28, 2017
Full Time
General Dynamics Information Technology provides curriculum, systems and maintenance in support of tactical signature guidance and training systems for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWCCD), Code 70. The Air Curriculum Training Specialist supports the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the design, development, maintenance and enhancement of training curriculum for the Air Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) communities and Naval Aircrewman rating (AWO/AWR) accession pipelines, Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS, includes some Pilot training), and Post-FRS (includes some Pilot training) levels using the IMAT.Explore Learning Management System (LMS) which exploits the capabilities of Tactical Decision Aids (TDAs) and Modeling & Simulation used by the US Navy. These software based training solutions are written in Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. When developing products, the Technician works closely with Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, and other ASW SMEs, to create courseware and scalable training products that range from stand-alone systems to large networks; and includes self-paced, group-paced, or instructor-led formats and maintenance of courseware/software baselines. For training purposes, these systems model Navy sensors with approved environmental databases to provide realistic performance assessments to enhance and reinforce student learning. The work is fast paced and challenging, employing software solutions to model acoustic propagation under water, and are capable of solving for tactical optimization of sensor employment in the conduct of an ASW Mission. In the design of products for the end user, the Training Specialist works in conjunction with SME’s, Navy customers, and Fleet users to research, plan, design, develop and modify IMAT.Explore courseware and training systems and/or applications and software to meet the requirement.


Technician duties and tasks:

1. Assists in the planning, design, and development of the following: testing material, courseware displays, instructional design, associated curriculum content and supporting technical documentation. The Technician uses commercially available software and IMAT.Explore to meet product specifications and will develop project management schedules. The ability to perform training situation analysis, training evaluations or other front end analysis elements, if required.

2. Associated tasks: Tests courseware development tools, courseware products, and software interfaces.

3. Participates in all aspects of Integrated Product Team (IPT) planning, requirements discussions, courseware and product reviews, and demonstrations.

4. Collaborates with software and system engineers on characteristics that affect software systems operation and user interfaces to resolve incompatibilities.

5. Authors technical and software documentation such as user manuals, instructor guides, student guides, and training materials using appropriate software (e.g. AIM or MS Word).

6. Troubleshoots problems, provides customer support for software operating systems and application issues.

7. Maintains current knowledge of relevant technology as assigned.

8. Participates in special projects as required.

Education Associates or Bachelor’s Degree (preferred), or the equivalent combination of education, technical training, or work/military experience.

Qualifications Skillset desired: current (or former) Enlisted Naval Aircrewman (E-7, E-8) in the AWO and/or AWR specialties of the Naval Aircrewman rating, for example a P-8/P-3C Non-Acoustic Sensor Operator (EWO/SS3), MH-60R, or TOC/MTOC operators, or S-3B Multisensory Operator (multiplatform experience if possible). A background in Navy training, examples include: instructor duty (Master Training Specialist (MTS) a plus), course supervisor; or billets involving curriculum management or Aviation Training requirements [examples CNATTU, CNATT, CNATRA, NAVAIR, CNAF, or OPNAV]).


Experience required: E-7/E-8 with 20 years’ experience as a Naval Aircrewman in at least one of the following communities- P-8 (or P-3C), MH-60R, MTOC, TOC (or TSC and MOCC), or the S-3B with another platform; and a Navy training background (examples: NEC 9502, or MTS; training supervisory positions etc.]. Documented NEC backgrounds include: (7835, 7836, 7846, 7861, 7862, 7873, 7875, 7876)


Additional experience: Microsoft Office; and the ability to learn IMAT.Explore, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and AIM will be essential. Prior experience with curriculum development or software development a plus.