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Dec 15, 2016
Jun 05, 2017
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Looking for one or more of the below:

1. Big Data Discovery - the latest addition to Oracle's big data tools suite (Oracle Big Data SQL, ODI and it's Hadoop capabilities and Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data 12c). Big Data Discovery combines the data discovery and visualization elements of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery with data loading and transformation features built on Apache Spark to deliver a tool aimed at the “Discovery Lab” part of the Oracle Big Data and Information Management Reference Architecture.

2. Advanced Analytics - Oracle Advanced Analytics extends the Oracle Database into a comprehensive advanced analytics platform through two major components: Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining. With Oracle Advanced Analytics, customers have a comprehensive platform for real-time analytics that delivers insight into key business subjects such as churn prediction, product recommendations, and fraud alerting.

3. Database security in the Advanced Security Option. TDE, TLS and native network encryption. Oracle Advanced Security, a commonly used option with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, provides two important preventive controls to protect sensitive data at the source including database encryption (Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)) and on-the-fly redaction of display data. TDE stops would-be attackers from bypassing the database and reading sensitive information directly from storage by enforcing data-at-rest encryption in the database layer. Data Redactioncomplements TDE by reducing the risk of unauthorized data exposure in applications, redacting sensitive data before it leaves the database. Together these two controls form the foundation of Oracle's defense-in-depth, multi-layered database security solution

4. Would like to see some Database Vault experience.

Oracle Database Vault Access Control Components

Oracle Database Vault enables you to create the following components to manage security for your database instance:

  • Realms. A realm is a functional grouping of database schemas, objects, and roles that must be secured.

  • Command rules. A command rule is a special rule that you can create to control how users can execute almost any SQL statement, includingSELECT, ALTER SYSTEM, database definition language (DDL), and data manipulation language (DML) statements. Command rules must work with rule sets to determine whether the statement is allowed.

  • Factors. A factor is a named variable or attribute, such as a user location, database IP address, or session user, which Oracle Database Vault can recognize and secure. You can use factors for activities such as authorizing database accounts to connect to the database or creating filtering logic to restrict the visibility and manageability of data. Each factor can have one or more identities. An identity is the actual value of a factor. A factor can have several identities depending on the factor retrieval method or its identity mapping logic.

  • Rule sets. A rule set is a collection of one or more rules that you can associate with a realm authorization, command rule, factor assignment, or secure application role. The rule set evaluates to true or false based on the evaluation of each rule it contains and the evaluation type (All True or Any True). The rule within a rule set is a PL/SQL expression that evaluates to true or false. You can have the same rule in multiple rule sets.

  • Secure application roles. A secure application role is a special Oracle Database role that can be enabled based on the evaluation of an Oracle Database Vault rule set.

To augment these components, Oracle Database Vault provides a set of PL/SQL interfaces and packages. "Oracle Database Vault PL/SQL Interfaces and Packages" provides an overview.

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