Genghis Grill
Alexandria, VA
Feb 05, 2017
Feb 09, 2018
Full Time

Here you are. Ready to take the first steps toward a new career with Genghis Grill. It's enough to bring a lesser sole to their knees. But no, not you. You're ready to conquer new lands and achieve new heights. That's why we want you as our newest recruit. With an active culture, friendly atmosphere, excellent benefits and all the training and opportunity you need to grow, we can't wait for you to join in and move up the ranks.

Genghis Grill is the fastest growing build-your-own stir-fry chain in the United States, well known for its fresh, hot and healthy food, and for its fun style of service. We are currently seeking enthusiastic, team oriented individuals who share our passion for hospitality. 

As a Server at Genghis Grill, you must provide friendly, responsive service to create an exceptional dining experience for all of our Fans. Each Server’s primary objective is to show our Fans a marvelous time, so they will want to return again and again. Remember - “YOU KHAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

General Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • Complete all opening duties, during-shift duties and closing duties.  
  • Greet Fans warmly and sincerely.
  • Tell Fans your name at least three different times.
  • Communicate with other warriors to ensure an efficient shift.   
  • Check ID’s of everyone who appears under the age of 40.
  • Recommend desserts and drinks by name.
  • Return all bar glasses back to bar never take to back or place in bus tubs
  • Educate Fans on what they will receive if they completely fill out a comment card.   
  • Keep your section clean and keep turning tables.
  • When taking an order, always look the Fan directly in the eyes, and stand erect. Never lean or write on the table. Never crouch down on your knees.
  • Always ask Fans if they would like a lemon if they order an ice tea or water. Never place a lemon on the rim unless it is requested.
  • Always serve hot tea with red plate, beverage napkin, small spoon, tea packet, and lemon on the side. Never open tea packet for Fan.
  • Always serve coffee with red plate, beverage napkin, small spoon, and two coffee creamers.
  • When making an ice tea, fill glass completely with ice.
  • When making a water or soft drink, fill glass half way with ice.
  • Never handle a drink by the rim, placing your hand over the drinking surface. Always place your hand underneath the GG logo when carrying a glass.
  • Never handle the eating surface of the silverware with your hand.
  • When handling plates or food never let your hand touch the eating surface or the food.
  • Keep your thumbs out of the bowls.
  • If you ever see numbers sitting on a table always remind the Fan to place them in the number stand even if it is not your table.
  •     any long conversations at any particular table. This will only upset the Fans at your other tables.
  • After you take a Fan’s drink, remove all excess menus after fans proceed through Khan’s Kitchen (unless asked to leave one) and place them back at the host stand informing the manager that the table has been greeted.
  • Leave your personal problems at the door.
  • If you get behind in your work, ask for assistance. You'll never get in trouble for asking and you’ll be keeping your Fans happy.
  • Keep wait stations stocked and clean.
  • Don't ever stand around or lean on anything. You can always be cleaning: wiping shelves on the wait station, taking bus tubs to the back, wiping down tables, booths, chairs, etc. A Server never goes into, or leaves, the kitchen empty-handed. Full hands in, full hands out!
  • Learn to use your time wisely. Don't go to one table then go to the kitchen. Consolidate your trips. Fill up all glasses, clear all plates, and then go on to something else.

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