General Manager

District Taco
Washington D.C.
Feb 21, 2017
Feb 09, 2018
Full Time


  • Inclination towards problem solving
  • Willingness to take ownership
  • Eagerness to help

Reports to

  • Regional Manager

Role in Company

  • Responsible for the personnel and operations at the restaurant
  • Making decisions to improve the service experience

Core Responsibilities

  • Examining historical income and expenses to ensure budgets are met
  • Identifying problems and determining solutions
  • Proposing solutions to the Regional Manager for complex problems
  • Resolving customer service issues if they arise
  • Examining all equipment and requesting repairs or replacement as needed
  • Hiring or terminating non-management employees as needed
  • Consulting the Regional Manager regarding addition or termination of first tier managers
  • Providing motivation and support for employees
  • Creating weekly schedules for employees
  • Reporting payroll information
  • Coordinating cash deposits and managing the petty cash account
  • Enforcing District Tacos safe food handling practices
  • Maintaining quality by monitoring staff and sampling products at various stages of production
  • Communicating clear expectations to employees
  • Delegating tasks as needed
  • Ensuring that employees receive proper training and guidance
  • Acknowledging positive and negative behavior through performance reviews and disciplinary action
  • Assessing needs and ordering supplies for the restaurant
  • Reconciling invoices
  • Guiding staff to ensure prescribed goals are met
  • Checking Shift Notes daily and monitoring progress made on reported issues

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