Cashier/Food Runner

District Taco
Alexandria, VA
Feb 21, 2017
Feb 09, 2018
Food Service, Server
Full Time


  • Eagerness to help
  • Personable
  • Focused on details

Reports to

  • Assistant Manager

Role in Company

          • Ensuring a positive experience for all guests by providing assistance and information
          • Managing the flow of products and customers in the restaurant

          Core Responsibilities

          •  Greeting guests of District Taco and seeking out those who are waiting or need assistance
          •  Answering phones at appropriate times [See Answer Phones for details]
          •  Maintaining stock and cleanliness at the cashier station
          •  Ensuring that gift cards, menus, and Fiesta Cards are fully stocked
          •  Assisting guests with the menu and altering them to potential dietary conflicts
          •  Properly checking IDs when serving alcohol and opening all beers sold [See Alcohol Policy]
          •  Offering to assist customers with small tasks such as opening non-alcoholic bottled drinks
          •  Informing guests of any additional charges
          •  Accepting cash payments while checking for counterfeits and providing exact change
          •  Following guidelines for Discounts and Rewards
          •  Reviewing order details and offering receipts
          •  Reviewing orders as they leave the kitchen and packaging them as needed
          •  Clearing tables, wiping down trays and cleaning baskets
          •  Preparing forks, knives, and napkins for future orders
          •  Calling order numbers and collecting Loteria cards when delivering orders
          •  Resolving customer service issues with the aid of a manager
          •  Setting-up outdoor seating and preparing the coffee, tea, and soda fountain when opening
          •  Storing any outdoor furniture and cleaning the drink stations when closing
          •  Arranging the salsa bar when opening and cleaning the salsa bar when closing
          •  Providing support to fellow employees to ensure completion of tasks outside of basic responsibilities