Genghis Grill
Gambrills, MD
Feb 05, 2017
Feb 09, 2018
Food Service, Cook
Full Time

Here you are. Ready to take the first steps toward a new career with Genghis Grill. It's enough to bring a lesser sole to their knees. But no, not you. You're ready to conquer new lands and achieve new heights. That's why we want you as our newest recruit. With an active culture, friendly atmosphere, excellent benefits and all the training and opportunity you need to grow, we can't wait for you to join in and move up the ranks.

Genghis Grill is the fastest growing build-your-own stir-fry chain in the United States, well known for its fresh, hot and healthy food, and for its fun style of service. We are currently seeking enthusiastic, team oriented individuals who share our passion for hospitality. 

Your role as a Cook at Genghis Grill is extremely important to our success. Your speed and efficiency are imperative to the smooth operation of the kitchen. You need speed to successfully complete your tasks. Your efficiency and consistency will help ensure 100% satisfaction for our Fans. You will be provided with high quality products and the necessary tools and equipment to complete your daily duties.  As a Prep Warrior, your job entails cooking and prepping a variety of food products including meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, sauces, and other items using a variety of equipment and utensils according to the daily prep list. Remember -“YOU KHAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

 General Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • Complete all opening duties, during shift duties and closing duties.   
  • Run bowls and clean Khan’s Kitchen when needed.
  • Get organized and plan your day before beginning your work.
  • Sanitize and clean your work area.
  • Clean as you go. Maintain a clean station and work area throughout the day.
  • Follow the recipes - ensure the QUALITY and CONSISTENCY of every batch recipe that goes from our prep kitchen to the proper workstation on the line.
  • Be a team player. Support and assist your fellow warriors whenever possible.
  • Ensure that all Robot Coupe, knives, cutting boards, scales, refrigeration and cooking equipment are operating correctly and at the proper temperature.
  • ALWAYS follow safe food handling practices.
  • Use your color codes knives and cutting boards, preventing cross contamination.
  • Never store raw poultry, meat or fish products above cooked or ready-to-eat products.   
  • Maintain a safe, clean and organized workstation and walkway in the prep areas.
  • Put things back in the appropriate places, by the label systems.
  • Use our product labeling system to label, date, rotate and store all food products.   
  • Prepare only what is on the daily prep list.
  • Rotate and thaw meats (FIFO).
  • Clean all equipment and workstations immediately after use.
  • Scrub hands before prepping and in between changing gloves.   
  • Sanitize your work area with the sanitation-solution.
  • Get organized. Assemble your tools including cutting board, scale, knives, pans, measuring tools, etc.
  • Review Prep List and prioritize. Determine what products you need to open.   
  • Begin working on Prep List items.
  • Prep according to the food manual. Know your food manual.
  • Don't work on too many items at one time. Limit yourself to 2 products at once.
  • During lunch, provide backup for anything needed on the line.   
  • Maintain a clean work area. As always, clean as you go.
  • Do not allow any products to remain in the danger zone (40-140 degrees F) for more than one hour before being prepared.
  • Leave prep area as clean as you found it for the following shift.   
  • Clean up.
  • Clean all utensils.
  • Scrub and sanitize sinks and countertops.   
  • Clean walls around work areas.
  • Put back a

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