Personal Care Associate

Country Meadows
Frederick, MD
Feb 10, 2017
Feb 09, 2018
Full Time

The personal care assistant (PCA) focuses their efforts supporting the resident with day-to-day needs of daily life. PCAs perform the personal and housekeeping tasks that the resident would do for themselves if they were fully able. Along with the other team members, PCAs encourage independence, support resident choice and preserve resident dignity through their professional manner and interactions.

Meadows and William Penn: PCA s who work in either of these units have the same responsibilities for service to the resident. However, the residents needs for personal assistance are more significant in these units due to cognitive or physical impairments respectively. As a result the PCA will spend more time coaching, cueing and, leading the resident in Meadows and assist the WP resident more with daily functions of living and various healthcare needs.

Routine Functions of the Position:

  • Provides residents with assistance for personal needs according to customer service plan. Resident needs may include, but not limited to: dressing, bathing, mobility and transport, toileting, dining and eating. Responsibilities may include medication assistance, ordering supplies, simple treatments.
  • Promotes social and emotional support as needed and according to the customer service plan. These actions include prompt response to calls for assistance, sensitivity to resident needs for both privacy and socialization, encouragement and direct assistance to participate in activities, appointment reminders, awareness and sensitivity to resident limitations as well as assistance to overcome limitations.
  • Interacts and communicates with resident and residents family in a manner that shows respect and promotes confidence in the co-workers, and the teams, ability to meet their expectations. Refers family to nurse or administration for service/care concerns.
  • Informs supervisor about any resident needs, unusual events, suspicion of abuse, or condition/behavior changes promptly.
  • Participates in the planning of customer service needs using the methods defined in the department. This includes providing current information about the residents service needs to nursing or other appropriate supervisor, attending planning meetings, using the service plan to insure promised service.
  • Cleans resident rooms, bathrooms, common areas according to schedules. Follows established protocols for cleaning or as instructed by supervisor.
  • Washes, arranges, distributes resident and facility laundry according to schedule and protocols or as instructed by supervisor.
  • Assists residents with dining. Prepares dining room, assists residents with food selection, serves beverages and food. Promotes pleasant and inviting dining environment. Observes and reports changes in resident eating and/or drinking habits. Cleans dining room and dishes.
  • Recognizes and reports fire/safety hazards in building. Reports maintenance needs promptly. Takes all appropriate safety precautions to minimize risk of injury to resident, self and other co-workers.
  • Participates in continuing education programs to promote self-development and contributes to the development of the team by helping new co-workers learn job tasks and responsibilities.
  • Practices responsible teamwork as evidenced by participation in facility meetings, commitment to workgroups efforts to improve operations or resolve problems and, a willingness to lend assistance to other facility and campus co-workers.

Critical Success Factors:

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