Rockville, Montgomery, Maryland
Jul 17, 2014
Aug 21, 2014
IRC 15050 MII
Engineer, Management
Full Time
I RC 15050 MII
Grade MII

Department of Permitting Services
Medical Exam Medical History
Background Investigation No
Financial Disclosure Yes

Job Description Closing Date: 08/14/2014
This position is responsible for senior management-level work directing engineering and inspection activities for residential and commercial permit issuance and construction to assure client satisfaction and regulatory compliance in the areas of drainage, commercial and residential building, electrical, mechanical and fire safety construction. The duties include: managing the design, planning, implementation, evaluation and modification of programs involving reviewing and approving engineering plans; on occasion may inspect construction sites for compliance with applicable engineering standards, codes, and principles and applicable laws/procedures; managing difficult construction problems and emergencies, developing and disseminating goals and priorities; working with Director's Office staff on fiscal, budgetary, and other administrative matters; meeting with builders, developers, architects, engineers, elected officials, and community/civic leaders to interpret regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, and provide necessary liaison; testifying/attending hearings and court sessions; providing advice, guidance, reports, and recommendations designed to elucidate and support divisional programs and regulations; and modifying existing programs and creating new ones in response to changes in federal, state, and local laws and regulations and program requirements.

As a manager/supervisor of unionized employees, this position has a responsibility for fostering a positive labor relations environment based on mutual trust, respect, and cooperation.

Additional Employment Information
Montgomery County Government is an equal opportunity employer, committed to workforce diversity. Accordingly, as it relates to employment opportunities, the County will provide reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities, in accordance with the law. Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process should contact the Office of Human Resources via email to special.accommodations@montgomerycountymd.gov. Individual determinations on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made in accordance with all applicable laws. Montgomery County Government also provides hiring preference to certain categories of veterans and veterans/persons with a disability. For more information and to claim employment preference, please refer to the Careers webpage on Hiring Preference.

Minimum Qualifications
Experience: Seven years of progressively responsible professional experience in managing building code enforcement program operations, three years of which were in a supervisory or executive capacity. Note: The term "executive" is further defined as a high echelon or high level position in an organization that is assigned technical research, management advisory services responsibilities, or policy-making duties and responsibilities that exerts considerable influence on organizational policy, plans, and operations through technical research, management advisory services, and/or policy-making duties and responsibilities (e.g., County positions at Grade 30 or above). Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree.
Equivalency: An equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted.

Selected candidate will be required to successfully complete a medical history review prior to appointment.

Preferred Criteria
Resume must include information specific to the preferred criteria listed below. Make sure that your resume references your knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to the preferred criteria. Ideally, the preferred criteria should be addressed in a separate section in your resume. The system only allows for one document to be submitted so your preferred criteria must be part of the resume.
1.) Experience as a building code official managing programs responsible for the interpretation, plan review, inspection and enforcement of the following construction codes: building (commercial, residential
and complex structures), life safety, fire alarm, sprinkler, electrical, mechanical, accessibility, drainage and outdoor lighting;

2.) Experience in building code enforcement, documenting violations, providing testimony to judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative bodies;

3.) Experience in managing programs that feature a commitment to customer services as a central working principle;

4.) Experience in program management and staff supervision;

5.) Experience in administrative processes such as human resources management, resource management, material management and quality management;

6.) Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil/ Structural engineering.
7.) Experience in working with clients of diverse backgrounds and skills, individually and in groups, to provide service and communicate decisions/policies; and

8.) Experience in working in teams to accomplish objectives.
If selected for consideration for this position, you may be required to provide evidence that you possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities indicated on your resume.

All applicants will be reviewed by OHR to determine whether or not they meet minimum qualifications for the position. All applicants who meet minimum qualifications will be reviewed and rated by subject matter experts based on the Preferred Criteria. Based on the results of Preferred Criteria evaluation, applicants will be rated and placed on the Eligible List as either "Qualified" or "Well Qualified." The highest rated applicants will be placed on the Eligible List and may be considered for interview. Employees meeting minimum qualifications who are same grade or higher will be placed on Eligible List as a "Transfer" candidate and may be considered for interview. Note: In the event there are 10 or fewer minimally qualified candidates, all will be placed on the Eligible List as Qualified and Hiring Managers will be required to interview a minimum of five candidates. For "seniority" jobs (as shown in Article 8), resumes will be reviewed and rated by subject matter experts based on the Preferred Criteria.

Minimum Salary $ 78,794
Maximum Salary $ 143,037