Executive Vice President, Member Experience

Alexandria, Alexandria City, Virginia
Apr 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014
Finance, Management
Full Time

The Executive Vice President, Member Experience is a newly created position as part of PenFed’s nine person Executive Team. The charter of the new division is to take a comprehensive and dynamic view of PenFed’s member interfaces and work with stakeholders across the company to deliver superior member service and drive growth. The successful candidate will be responsible for building a new department including hiring a Chief Marketing Officer, a Chief Technology Officer and business/data analysts to achieve corporate growth objectives. This group will work to define and champion scientific processes/methodologies that PenFed will use to track, oversee and optimize all member interactions efficiently to manage the customer "life cycle" in order to foster customer loyalty through high-quality interactions at each touch point.

This is an exciting yet challenging opportunity for a seasoned executive with the ability to assemble and manage a high energy, laser-focused, high performing team yet integrate it seamlessly within PenFed’s business and cultural fabric. The successful candidate must have a proven track record in a national retail environment with demonstrated experience in online/digital marketing. PenFed is a national consumer financial institution with over 90% of business growth occurring online.

• Engage PenFed in managing member relationships, member service, revenue and profit.
• Create a persistent focus on the member in everything PenFed does.
• Build a world class, cost efficient marketing and sales machine
• Support business unit leaders in their roles in helping to transform PenFed from current service levels to becoming a world class member-facing organization.
• Lead the company in member-facing technology innovation.

Key Deliverables:

1. Establish metrics for defining our relationship with members: Align finance, operations, marketing.

  • Metrics to manage members as an asset.
  • Voice of the Member competency development.
    • Real-time issue trending and tracking (such as complaints)
    • Corralling all surveys and uniting a company-wide approach.
    • Optimizing for “listening” pipe opportunities, web, social media, field, etc.
    • Create a united platform for understanding and taking action.

2. Influence cross-company agreement on how to deliver greatest value to members: Marketing, finance and sales.

  • Define what members value – how to determine the differentiating experience to be delivered.
  • Determine what members to invest in.
  • Decide where to make investment decisions, that is, the highest-impact contacts and efforts.
  • Create a common language set and definitions for the member experience.

3. Drive accountability through cross-company data and metrics

  • Establish and implement research to understand member buying propensities, loyalty and return on investment (ROI).
  • Work with leaders to identify baseline metrics for tracking interaction with members.
  • Drive tracking and reporting to get to reliability in key interactions.
  • Lead the accountability forums – when to meet with whom to drive accountability.
  • Work with leaders on marketing and sales strategies and recommendations for driving the business forward.

4. Design a common approach and process for driving a sales culture.

  • Create a coherent and identifiable brand.
  • Develop a rational and cost effective marketing and sales strategy.
  • Champion a discipline of process change and service excellence.
General Functions and Outcomes:

Obtain an in-depth understanding of member wants and needs and current pain points; then find ways to improve those interactions
• Assist the organization with the integrating member-centric design methods into its work.
• Ensure member experiences are designed to be useful, easy and enjoyable.
• Lead or contribute to high-impact projects that are designed to improve a member’s experience across all channels.
• Engage other employees, partners, and members in co-creating the experience from a member point-of-view.
• Effectively communicate concepts, design rationale and findings to the organization.
• Partner with key business units to improve processes that define member touch points

Professional Qualifications:

The Executive Vice President, Member Experience will have at minimum a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in business, marketing or data analytics and 15-20 years professional experience in a high performing retail, online, consumer environment.
(S)he will be a dynamic, articulate visionary who can motivate people to achieve through teamwork and work across all levels of the organization. Teamwork is highly valued at PenFed and is a key driver to our success.
• Strong consumer focus.
• Excellent judgment, problem solving, creativity, flexibility, analytical, communication and presentation skills.
• Demonstrated understanding of customer insights and ensuring that they are disseminated, deeply understood, and used as the basis for development of new products and services.
• Ability to identify issues, opportunities, and effective solutions and collaborate with other departments to improve processes and/or results.
• Ability to anticipate future trends accurately while maintaining broad knowledge and perspective on projects.
• Familiarity with consumer process flows and research.
• Demonstrated ability to apply quantitative and qualitative research methods to business situations.
• Ability to translate strategy into tactical execution through clear objectives, prioritization and assignment of responsibilities.

About PenFed

PenFed is America’s third largest credit union with over $18 billion in assets making us one of the largest financial institutions in the country. Founded in 1935 by employees of the War Department (later to become the Pentagon) PenFed has as its core membership and ethos the military and DoD. The largest and fastest growing segment of our membership is non-military. PenFed has 1.4 million members worldwide. We've been here for members almost 80 years. PenFed is member-owned and offers retail banking solutions predominantly online.

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