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STEM/Arts Undergraduate Internship/Co-op

Washington, D.C
Closing date
Nov 25, 2023

As a STEM/Arts undergraduate student for CIA, you will work on teams alongside our full-time officers in an R&D or quick-turnaround environment on any number of different programs to further mission through software/hardware development, custom engineering, analysis of technologies, and/or the integration of art-focused skills in a technical field.

You will have the opportunity to use and enhance your knowledge of operating systems, communications technologies, mobile platforms, and computer networks.

Two 90-day tours are preferred; however, one 90-day tour is the minimum requirement.


Conditions of Employment

  • You must be physically in the United States or one of its territories when you submit your resume via MyLINK.
  • You must be registered for the Selective Service, if applicable.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age (dual-national US citizens are eligible).
  • You must be willing to move to the Washington, DC area.
  • You must successfully complete a thorough medical and psychological exam, a polygraph interview, and a comprehensive background investigation.
  • For further requirements information, please visit:


Minimum Qualifications
  • Two 90-day tours are preferred; however, one 90-day tour is the minimum requirement.
  • Attending school on a full-time basis before/following this student tour
  • Creative problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to function effectively in a fast-paced, mission-focused environment with multiple competing priorities
  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to meet the minimum requirements for joining CIA , including U.S. citizenship and a background investigation


  • Full-time student pursuing an undergraduate degree in STEM/STEAM field at an accredited academic institution with at least one semester/quarter completed at the time of MyLINK submission. Majors include, but are not limited to:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Data Science/Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Mathematics
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Digital Communications
    • Engineering (All)
    • Fiber/Textile Science
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Information Systems/Networking
    • Material Science
    • Physics
    • Statistics
    • Telecommunications
    • Graphic Design/Illustration
    • Costume Design/Fabrication
    • Apparel Design/Fabrication
    • Multimedia Design
    • Industrial Design
  • At least a 3.0 GPA on a 4-point scale

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