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USRO Leader

Woodlawn, Maryland
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Oct 7, 2023

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  • Performs non-supervisory journeyman level USRO work; works along with other workers and sets the pace; demonstrates proper work methods.
  • Work encompasses numerous HVAC systems such as boiler and chiller equipment, high and low pressure steam systems, water treatment systems, and auxiliaries.
  • Passes along instructions received from the Supervisor, uses the Information Work Management System (IWMS) to workers and gets work started, for example, assigns immediate tasks to individual members of the group led.
  • Obtains information or decisions from the supervisor on problems that arise; conducts market research to procure stock materials, tools, and equipment from suppliers.
  • Maintains supplies, equipment, tools, and materials; maintains accurate daily production records and administrative records such as warrantees, procurements, repairs, inventory, and maintenance.
  • Provides technical guidance and training to other USROs to ensure proper use of equipment, materials, techniques, procedures, and processes; ensures work is distributed among the crew; ensures that plans, drawings, materials, and tools are available.
  • Instructs or advises workers to follow the supervisor's instructions and to meet deadlines; maintains current trade knowledge and building standards, and answers worker's questions on procedures, policies, written instructions, and other directives.
  • Attends meetings and provides input, when applicable, to assist with items such as project design, planning and execution.
  • Serves as a member on assigned project teams for USRO installation, repair, upgrade, and maintenance projects; analyses proposals and determines if designs and performance characteristics meet agency requirements.
  • Conducts site surveys and provides comments to engineers and officials on the accuracy of USRO plans to meet desired objectives. Compares the accuracy of final schematics and recommends modifications as necessary.
  • Checks work in progress and work finished to ensure the supervisor's instructions on work sequence, procedures, methods, and deadlines have been met.
  • Ensures all safety and housekeeping rules are followed and that the shop is in compliance with health and safety standards.
  • Responds to building emergencies.
  • Reports to supervisors on work status, work progress, and causes for work delays.
  • Answers supervisor's questions on overall work operations and problems, for example: the need for additional on-the-job training for individual employees; identifies additional work to be completed and notifies the supervisor.
  • Assumes additional responsibilities in the absence of the supervisor.


Conditions of Employment

  • U.S. Citizenship required. If you are a male born after December 31, 1959, you must certify that you have registered with the Selective Service System or are exempt under the Selective Service Law. See
  • Fingerprinting and background and/or security investigation may be required. Job offers are contingent on fingerprinting and background / security investigation results.
  • Federal employees must be in good standing. Federal employees must have a successful performance rating. Official Personnel Folders will not be reviewed.
  • All application materials must be received by the closing date. Requests for copies of application documents will not be accepted. All application forms submitted become the property of SSA Human Resources.
  • Selectees may be required to serve a 1-year probationary period.
  • This position involves specific physical efforts, working conditions, shift requirements and/or protective gear requirements as described under QUALIFICATIONS below.
  • This is an emergency / mission-critical position. You may be called to work after-hours, on weekends and holidays. This position is on a fixed shift.
  • See QUALIFICATIONS and ADDITIONAL INFORMATION sections for other conditions of this position.


To qualify for this WL-11 USRO Leader position your resume must demonstrate the following:
(1) the Screen Out AND
(2) the six individual Job Elements

You must have thorough knowledge of the USRO trade and ability to lead others performing USRO work. Wage Leaders perform the same trade-work as that done by the group being led.

Additional Wage Leader duties include:
(1) relays instructions and assigns tasks to be performed;
(2) works with the team, setting the pace;
(3) demonstrates proper work methods;
(4) ensures plans, blueprints, materials and tools are available;
(5) provides technical guidance to workers;
(6) maintains current trade knowledge and provides information on procedures or instructions;
(7) checks work to ensure sequence, procedures and deadlines are met;
(8) ensures safety and housekeeping rules are followed;
(9) reports to supervisors on status and progress of work and/or causes of delays; and
(10) answers questions on overall work operations and problems.

At a minimum, your level of work must demonstrate thorough knowledge, skills and abilities in the USRO trade, as well as ability to guide or assist others performing USRO work OR ability to lead a USRO project on an as-needed basis (such as for a routine or non-recurring assignment or in the unplanned absence of the assigned work-leader).

REQUIREMENT: USRO Leaders in this position lead and work with USROs to perform various tasks in connection with maintenance, fabrication, installation, repair, troubleshooting, operation and modification of new and existing HVAC systems across large multi-floor agency facilities.

(2) JOB ELEMENTS: Describe duties you perform that show you have (at a minimum):

Equipment -- thorough knowledge of USRO equipment and ability to perform common-to-complex USRO work.

Technical Practices -- thorough knowledge of USRO technical practices and ability to apply those practices to perform common-to-complex USRO tasks.

Measuring Instruments - ability to successfully use standard USRO measuring instruments to carry out common-to-complex USRO work.

Instructions - ability to read and interpret standard USRO instructions (work orders, drawings, sketches, diagrams and/or blueprints) and carry out common-to-complex USRO tasks.

Tools -- regular hands-on use of most types of USRO tools and skill in using them to perform common-to-complex USRO work.

Materials - ability to determine the materials needed to complete common-to-complex USRO tasks and estimate the amount of those materials.


Reviewers can only rate you on the information you provide; if duties you perform are missing or incomplete, you may be rated ineligible.

Do not simply list projects on which you work or describe your work in terms of general accomplishments or achievements.

Qualifications must be met by the closing date of this announcement.

If you are a federal contractor, do not identify yourself as a federal employee.


Due to the nature of work in this position, the following conditions are essential for successful performance, and you must fully comply with these conditions to meet performance requirements.

Successful performance of work in this position and adherence to these conditions will be assessed during the 1-year probationary period that may be served by new appointees (e.g., new to SSA and/or new to this series).

(1) This is an emergency / mission-critical position. You may be called to work after-hours, on weekends and holidays. This position is on a fixed shift.

(2) You may be required to report to or remain at a duty station to perform critical services when employees are generally excused for all or part of a workday in emergency conditions.

(3) You may be required to report during irregular hours and travel in hazardous weather conditions.

(4) USROs in this position are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year around.

(5) You will be assigned to a predetermined fixed shift, which is subject to change to meet agency needs.

(6) Work is performed in a workshop and at job sites, where there may be exposure to energized electric circuits, sharp metal edges, chemical fumes, dust, dirt, high noise levels, extreme temperatures from steam and boiler rooms and changes in temperature while working on outside cooling towers, roof exhausts and ventilating fans.

(7) Work may be performed inside and occasionally outside on top of tall buildings and in various weather conditions.

(8) Work will include repairs and installations from ladders, scaffolding and platforms where the parts of systems worked on are frequently in hard-to-reach places and in confined spaces. Work may be performed in cramped areas with low overhead room.

(9) You may be assigned to work in areas where certain potentially harmful physical and chemical agents are present.

(10) Work requires frequent standing, stooping, stretching, bending, climbing, crouching, kneeling and arm movement.

(11) You may be required to support other agency buildings to provide critical services to sustain the operational needs of agency buildings

(12) Heavy exertion and physical strength is required at frequent intervals to handle heavy and bulky materials. Will frequently carry and set up parts and equipment that weigh up to 50 pounds, unassisted. Hoists, holders and pulleys are used when moving heavier objects such as large compressors, condensers, and chillers.

(13) Uncomfortable facemasks and protective clothing may be required when there is a possibility of exposure to toxic refrigerants and large amounts of escaping noxious gases when making emergency repairs.

(14) USROs are subject to cuts, bruises, contusions and burns when working on steam and hot water lines.

(15) USROs must understand and follow mandated safety procedures and wear mandated Personal Protective Equipment including earplugs, safety glasses, steel-toed boots, gloves, respirator and any other gear required by higher-level supervisors.

(16) You may be required to wear a respirator and may be required to shave to ensure a proper fit.

(17) You may be required to wear a uniform while working at the duty station.

(18) Telework and Alternate Work Schedules are not authorized for this position; position is not authorized to be filled by outstationing.


This position does not have an educational requirement.

If you successfully completed other training relevant to this trade and want to have it considered as part of your evaluation, list that training on your resume rather than uploading certificates you received.

Additional information


(1) ICTAP/CTAP (see Career Transition Guide before you choose this)

(2) Current Competitive Service - must have permanent OR conditional tenure

(3) Former Competitive Service -- voluntarily separated (resigned or retired
(a) with permanent tenure (separation at any time)
(b) with conditional tenure (separation within previous 3 years)
(c) with conditional tenure AND veteran's preference (separation at any time)

(4) Current Excepted Service:
(a) agency with competitive service compatibility (Foreign Service, US Postal Service, etc.)
(b) agency with Interchange Agreement
(c) Schedule A -- block 5 of APPOINTMENT action shows Reg 213.3102(u)
(d) VRA - Veterans Recruitment Appointment - block 5 of APPOINTMENT action shows Pub Law 107-288
(e) time-limited veteran appointment -- block 5 of APPOINTMENT action shows Reg. 316.402(b)(4)
(f) not described above but can demonstrate prior Competitive Service OR veteran's status

(5) Former Excepted Service - only applicants with prior Competitive Service (permanent or conditional tenure) OR applicants with veteran's status

(6) VEOA -- see USAJOBS Help Center | Veterans Employment Opportunity Act of 1998 (VEOA) -- if you have non-qualifying Excepted Service and are an eligible veteran, you may use VEOA as your eligibility, but still must provide documents demonstrating your Excepted Service status (e.g., current SF-50 and performance appraisal or separation SF-50).

VEOA cannot be used to circumvent merit promotion requirements and will not result in priority selection.

VEOA applicants with federal status will be considered on federal status first and VEOA only if federal status cannot be used. Eligibilities must be fully documented to receive consideration.

If you are a federal contractor, do not identify yourself as a federal employee.

Your resume must address the Screen Out and Job Elements required for this position -- see QUALIFICATIONS for information.

This is an emergency / mission-critical position. You may be called to work after-hours, on weekends and holidays.

Position is on a full time, fixed shift; Alternate Work Schedules (AWS) and telework are not authorized for this position.

This is a bargaining unit position, represented by AFGE.

This position is not authorized to be filled virtually or through outstationing; the Official Duty Station (ODS) is SSA-HQ in Woodlawn, Maryland.

Relocation expenses will not be paid; salary will be set in accordance with local pay provisions.

Successful performance of work in this position and adherence to conditions of this position will be assessed during the 1-year probationary period served that may be served by new appointees (e.g., new to SSA and/or new to this series).

Location of position:
SSA-HQ / Woodlawn, Maryland
Office of Facilities and Logistics Management (OFLM)
Office of Buildings Management (OBM)
Division of Mechanical Maintenance (DMM)

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