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Bowling Green, VA Behavioral Health Provider (O-5 Billet)

Bowling Green, Virginia
Closing date
Sep 30, 2023

1. Serves as field expert on BHU policy workgroup team.
2. Participate in mental health initiatives and competency training.
3. Works in conjunction with HSA, Regional Behavior Health Unit (RBHU) Chief and Behavioral Health Consultants in responding to Civil Rights Civil Liberties (CRCL) findings.
4. Provides input regarding the mental health process review.
5. Promote a multidisciplinary approach from a treatment standpoint.
6. Attend BHU bi-monthly meetings.
7. Identify challenges that impede provider productivity and offer solutions to RBHU
8. Travel to Headquarters (HQ) for training and education, as required.
9. Provides psychological assessment and evaluation of detainees.
10. Provides appropriate referral to outside treatment facilities for those cases of extremely severe mental disturbance referring such detainees to the appropriate mental health facility for intensive mental health care.
11. Provides identification and evaluation for those identified as having a significant mental illness using Mental Health Review form (IHSC-883).
12. Provides on-site counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral analysis, substance abuse education, and therapy as required.
13. Possesses a high level of skill in assessing, recognizing and treating problems of adjustment and maladaptive behavior or other conditions.
14. Determines the need for and provide direct mental health services to detainees with identified mental health and substance abuse problems utilizing psycho educational and treatment modalities as appropriate in the treatment of mental disorders.
15. Assists the Clinical Director/Designees in providing orientation and guidance to medical staff in Detoxification of Chemically Dependent detainees and actions to take if a detainee is suspected of being chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol upon intake or during custody.
16. Reports status to a physician if the expected outcome of drug therapy is not being achieved.
17. Utilizes the multi-disciplinary approach in the treatment planning process for detainees identified with mental health problems.
18. Provides consultation to medical, ICE, contract staff regarding issues that include, but are not limited to risk assessment for violence, housing recommendations for handling difficult demanding, and mentally ill detainees.
19. Serves as a mental health and substance abuse consultant within the facility.
20. Provides education and training to ICE and medical staff in the area of mental health to include, but not limited to, suicide prevention, hunger strike, abuse and neglect and victims of torture.
21. Facilitates contacts between the detainee patient and his/her social support systems.
22. Establishes and maintains liaison with other health services professionals and mental health organizations.
23. Assists in preparation towards accreditation/compliance.
24. Assists the local performance improvement coordinator in completion of clinical performance improvement/risk identification and management directly related to mental health.
25. Participates in the local performance improvement committee.
26. Works in conjunction with ICE/Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA) legal counsel 3 04/20/2018 providing written evaluation reports on the mental health status of individuals placed on SMI (Seriously Mental Illness List).
27. Coordinates alongside Headquarters (HQ) mental health unit for continuity of care for placement in, or treatment of, detainees in appropriate settings as required by the conditions of release outlined by ICE.
28. Responsible for all case management which may involve community treatment placement, hospital placement, or other after care situations.
29. Utilizes Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for completing treatment authorization request, case entry and exit reports.
30. Participate in quarterly peer review
31. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Conditions of Employment

  • You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for this position.
  • You must successfully pass a background investigation.
  • You must successfully pass a drug screen.
  • Males born after 12/31/59 must certify registration with Selective Service.
  • Requirements by Closing Date: Unless otherwise noted, you must meet all requirements by the closing date of the announcement.
  • Probationary Period: This is a full-time permanent position (Career/Career-Conditional appointment). Upon appointment to this position, you may be required to serve a one-year probationary period.
  • You MUST be a USPHS Commissioned Corps Officer (PHS Officer) or Call to Active Duty (CAD) candidate in order to apply for this position. Civilian employees are NOT eligible for this position.


1. Requires a PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology from a graduate program in Psychology accredited by the American Psychological Association or a Master's degree (LCSW or LMSW) in Social Work from a graduate program in social work accredited by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).
2. Minimum of 5 years of experience.
3. Holds a full, current and unrestricted licensed by a State or Territory at the Doctoral level for psychologists and at the Master's level for social workers (MSW). Psychologist must meet requirements for inclusion in the National Registry of Psychologist Providers if graduated after 1 January 1982.
4. Social Work - Knowledge of the case management process commensurate with training and education at the MSW level.
5. Psychologist - Knowledge of specific functions of Psychology to include, but not limited to: Observation, Description, Testing, Evaluation, Interpretation, Diagnosis and Treatment.
6. Knowledge of the indications and contraindications, complications and techniques in the various psychiatric treatment and diagnostic modalities.
7. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
8. Flexible and able to adapt to sudden changes in schedules and work requirements.
9. Experience in a correctional setting is preferred.
10. Credentialed and privileged with a current, permanent, full and unrestricted license to practice psychology or social work in any state jurisdiction.

Additional information

1. Superior oral/written communication skills
2. Leadership skills
3. Active listening skills
4. Strong interpersonal skills
5. Strong organizational and time management skills
6. Strong problem solving, judgment and decision-making skills
7. Integrity/honesty
8. Cultural competency

1. Required to walk unaided at a normal pace for up to 5 minutes and maintain balance.
2. Required to jog/fast walk up to ¼ mile.
3. Required to perform CPR/emergency care standing or kneeling.
4. Must have the ability to assist sick, injured or aging detainees or staff exiting the building (may require lifting, dragging, wheeling or carrying someone who weighs significantly more oneself).
5. Must be able to see, hear and smell with aids if necessary.
6. Must easily alternate between kneeling and standing.
7. Must be able to lift, push, or carry 30 pounds. 4 04/20/2018 8. Must perform the duties of my job in a stressful and often austere environment without physical limitations.

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