Climate and Private Sector Engagement Lead

Sep 01, 2023
Oct 01, 2023
Full Time
Position Overview :

The Climate and Private Sector Engagement Lead is a senior management responsible for the performance of the climate and PSE technical area for Chemonics UK (UK) and is responsible for providing senior-level, technical oversight and expertise , helping to build and oversee a climate and PSE programme portfolio, including market positioning, business development, project management, and team management and leadership. The director will manage the budget and profit and loss statement, take a leadership role in engaging with Chemonics UK's clients, and contribute to UK and corporate strategies and initiatives.

Responsibilities :


  • Develops effective working relationships with clients, counterparts, and both internal and external stakeholders
  • Applies in-depth climate and PSE technical expertise to projects' technical goals and objectives , new business efforts, projects and Chemonics knowledge base.
  • Advances body of knowledge (e.g., innovations, best practices, lessons learned) and quality standards in climate and PSE and practice networks; formulates approaches to guide project work, new business efforts, and technical assignments; and advises clients on technical trends and programming priorities
  • Assumes a leadership role(s) in climate and PSE network development and professional societies, represents company at technical conferences, and prepares or improves technical and development practitioner publications
  • Ensures quality of project reports and deliverables; ensures project technical objectives are met in partnership with the team leader and troubleshoots when deviations are needed
  • Identifies opportunities to conduct billable assignments; sets billability targets to contribute to a billable project work or technical area
  • Ensures that existing best practices and innovative methodologies are utilised in current climate and PSE programme/s and proposals

Market Positioning and Business Development

  • Takes a leadership role in growing Chemonics UK 's climate and PSE portfolio through strategy setting, outreach and networ k development, proposal development , and positioning with Chemonics' clients and within the industry
  • Proactively tracks upcoming new opportunities , market opportunities with new clients, and informs relevant in-house parties of bids in sufficient time to make bidding decisions and effectively prepare for bids
  • Leads proposal teams including through strategy formulation and defining technical solutions and directly contributes to new business by participating in line roles
  • Cultivates partnerships with strategic organisations
  • Tracks, analyses, and shares development trends and priorities within the climate and PSE sector
  • Travels periodically to explore new business opportunities . Interacts with key client and counterpart staff related to new programming opportunities.

Project Management

  • Oversees programme implementation for Climate and PSE portfolio within the UK by leading PMU team which provides contractual, financial, and administrative support and technical quality assurance. Responsible for providing project management and technical support and oversight at advanced levels of authority and accountability to achieve results
  • C ollaborat es closely with team leader(s) and project directors in developing work plans, ensur ing timely resources to execute plan s , supervis ing progress, and reporting of implementation, ensur ing proper technical direction in fulfilling the project scope of work, and conceptualiz ing new strategies to improve performance
  • Supports and develops technical work products, reviews and provides comment on programme technical work, and provides technical input to reports and other documents .
  • Pro vides strategic guidance and solutions to address technical and programmatic issues raised on programmes within your portfolio to Programme Directors and Programme teams
  • S erves as acting team leader as necessary

Client engagement

  • Develops effective working relationships with internal and external clients , counterparts and stakeholders and continually promotes outstanding client service with corporate office staff and project teams; leads discussions as part of quarterly client consultations; leads response on annual client performance reviews in consultation with the team leader and submits the final version in the system
  • Develop a deep understanding of the changing client requirements and priorities and adapt the project as necessary and/or seek opportunities of new funding
  • Feedback any relevant client insights to new business team

Corporate Compliance

  • Review and advise all current environmental/net zero reports for Chemonics International and Chemonics UK .
  • Develop a corporate reporting strategy that adheres to UK and European environmental standards.
  • Responsible for ensuring that Chemonics UK projects are implemented in an environmentally sound manner, in line with any applicable environmental safeguarding measures that are required or requested by the current client base.
  • Will coordinate and facilitate meetings with diverse stakeholders; synthesize and explain technical and administrative requirements based on UK and European regulations and guidance
  • Assist in the development of training materials and lead trainings; develop environmental compliance frameworks; and communicate effectively with diverse audiences in person and in writing.

Management and Leadership

  • Supervises, mentors, and evaluates multiple direct reports by communicating clear performance goals and standards, offering regular performance feedback, and conduct ing performance reviews with ample time and opportunity offered to support their grow th and develop ment in key competency areas . P romotes staff development through coaching, mentoring, and facilitating professional growth
  • Promotes and exemplifies Chemonics' values and ethical standards and manages staff to achieve team and development objectives
  • Demonstrates inclusive behavio u rs and leadership consistent with Chemonics' values and leadership competencies
  • Creates a productive and motivating work environment for staff by promoting cooperation and teamwork across departments, staying abreast of management, leadership, and team-building strategies, and advocating for them within Chemonics; promotes the building of a strong partnership between project and corporate offices based on open exchange
  • Supervises programme directors and provides timely and constructive feedback through frequent as well as quarterly and annual reviews
  • P erforms other duties as assigned


  • Degree in relevant field or equivalent work experience required ; advanced degree preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in managing and building climate and PSE programmes , field-based project leadership experience preferred
  • Experience in the technical design of climate and PSE programmes designed to work at scale and work systemic ally
  • Experience in provid ing direct technical assistance to climate and PSE projects and to develop and manage short term assignments delivered by technical specialists.
  • Demonstrated experience solving complex technical, managerial, or operational problems and evaluating options based on relevant information, resources, well-rounded experience, and knowledge
  • Ability to comply with corporate and client codes of condu ct
  • Demonstrated progressive professional experience including positions requiring supervision and mentorship of multiple staff required
  • Fluency in donor/client regulatory and management requirements and demonstrated ability to apply and adhere to those requirements in project management
  • Operates at advanced levels of authority and controls significant activities, budgets, and resources to produce and take responsibility for results
  • Advanced knowledge and skills within a relevant technical or professional discipline with broad understanding of other areas within the job area
  • Fluency in and demonstrated application of financial and project management systems
  • Conceptualis es, outlines, performs, and directs the research and writing of technical documents (reports, proposals, professional articles)
  • Leads effective meetings and demonstrated presentation skills
  • Recogni s ed by others as an experienced international development practitioner in a specific technical area; contributes consistently to mentoring staff
  • Demonstrated leadership, management, organizational, and decision-making skills
  • Demonstrated experience managing and supervising staff assigned to a department or several project teams and new business efforts; demonstrates leadership, versatility, and integrity
  • Previous experience working in international development and/or living or conducting work in developing countries preferred
  • D emonstrate d awareness of cultural sensitivity and an ability to manage with sensitivity to cultural differences and similarities
  • Foreign language proficiency in a relevant region we operate in preferred
  • Willingness to travel and work abroad up to 3 months per year
  • UK work authori s ation required

This position is located outside the U.S.