Utility Worker

Springfield, VA
Apr 26, 2022
Oct 06, 2023
Full Time
Job Description

Tasks performed:
  • Place wastepaper in trash cart
  • Transport trash cart to compactor; dump trash cart in to compactor
  • Operate compactor
  • Some workers load skids of paper into trailers utilizing a forklift
  • Sweep pressroom and reel room floors
  • Sweep decks as needed
  • Scrub and mop pressroom and reel room floors
  • Dump and scrape 3.5 gallon buckets; place in bucket washer
  • Wash presses and walls to height within reach on a daily basis
  • Clean railings as needed
  • Clean around quiet room as needed
  • Pick up rags from rag cans and floors of the pressroom, reel room, quiet room, machine shop, locker room and decks. Place in drums and transport to loading dock, utilizing a hand truck. Task performed twice per day.
  • Fill buckets with blanket wash and place on cart for each press (occasionally)
  • With assistance of co-worker, place 55 gallon drum of cleaning solvent on dolly, as needed
  • Use Putty knife to scrape the floor of the press unit arch; mop floor. Task performed once every two weeks
  • Operate the automated guided vehicle (AGV) to supply newsprint to presses during production runs
  • If press is not supplied with paper by the AGV, pushing to dollies weighing up to one ton (with assistance) is required
  • Physically moving partial rolls of newsprint which are on the floor
  • Removing cores (five to 25 pounds from press)
  • Handling bundles of newsprint (50 to 90 pounds)

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