Title IX Specialist

College Park, Maryland
The salary range for this position starts at $61,080, commensurate with experience.
Jun 08, 2023
Jul 13, 2023
Full Time

Reporting to the Director of the Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct (OCRSM), the incumbent is the University’s investigator primarily for cases of alleged sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, gender-related violence including but not limited to stalking and intimate partner violence with moderate level of complexity, involving students, faculty, staff, and persons who otherwise are subject to the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. The incumbent is responsible for managing the daily responsibilities associated with conducting investigations of alleged sexual misconduct working in close collaboration with OCRSM’s Director, Senior Investigator(s), the Department of Public Safety, and other campus stakeholders. When a complaint is filed and deemed appropriate for investigation by the Director, the Investigator will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation, which includes: interviewing complaints and respondents; identifying and interviewing witnesses; gathering and securing relevant documentation; and identifying other information that would be relevant and aid in conducting a fair and unbiased investigation. The incumbent acts as an impartial party in the investigation and provides a detailed, unbiased report summarizing the findings of the investigation, in accordance with the requirements of Title IX.


Additional responsibilities include: developing an investigative plan; contacting all involved parties and providing them with information about the investigatory process; ensuring a well-documented investigation process; analyzing information and working with the appropriate university offices in the course of investigations; maintaining accurate and thorough investigatory files and reports using the data/case management software; providing on-going updates to the Director and Senior Investigator(s), as necessary; and continuously identifying and integrating best practices in the Title IX investigation arena into the campus knowledge base and practice. The Investigator will function as a member of the OCRSM investigation team and will assist, as needed, with investigating other complaints that fall within the University’s Non-Discrimination Policy; campus training, reporting, campus programming and outreach, and other duties as assigned.