Executive Administrative Assistant - Accountability & Research

Alexandria, Virginia
Jun 05, 2023
Sep 13, 2023
Full Time
Job Description

The subject position within this classification provides executive level, confidential, complex, and often specialized administrative support to the Chief of Accountability and Research. As required, the position will support the Executive Director of the Office of School Improvement and other staff within the department. The position's array of duties will include: organizing, managing, and overseeing all departmental budgetary processes; assisting in the coordination of state and division testing programs; overseeing compliance with federal and state legal test security requirements; managing the printing and distribution of division-wide confidential student assessment results; coordinating all communication to VDOE regarding Virginia Accreditation and School Improvement processes and requirements; developing and editing of materials, reports, and correspondence for the Chief of Accountability and Research and the Executive Director of School Improvement; scheduling and coordinating large scale events and trainings; and ensuring productive and efficient operation of the Department's accountability and research functions. This position acts as liaison for the Chief of Accountability and Research and the Executive Director of School Improvement across all ACPS departments, schools, and members of the public.

The position reports to the Chief of Accountability and Research.


Education: Bachelor's degree in related field preferred.

Experience: At least three ( 3) years of job-related experience with increasing levels of responsibility.

Essenitial Functions
  • Oversees critical test administration responsibilities to include: ordering of materials, receipt, and inventory of secure and confidential materials, answering questions from schools, receiving confidential materials back from schools, and shipping confidential materials back to vendors.
  • Manages the secure printing and distribution of confidential student assessment results for the division.
  • Coordinates, organizes, and manages annual department budget to include: reconcile accounts, complete all purchase orders, enter proposed budget, and complete all other budget-related forms.
  • Manages ongoing communications to the Virginia Department of Education regarding school Accreditation and School Improvement processes and requirements.
  • Coordinates schedules, meetings, travel, professional memberships, conference registration, and activities in support of assigned administrator and department staff's operational activities.
  • Evaluates interactions, situations, and events (e.g., involving other staff, students, parents, the public, etc.) and takes appropriate actions and/or directs to appropriate personnel for resolution.
  • Monitors assigned departmental activities and/or program components (e.g., payroll, travel arrangements and reimbursements, meetings, and events, etc.) to ensure goals are achieved, target dates are met and financial, legal and/or administrative requirements are satisfied.
  • Prepares a wide variety of written materials (e.g., Board Summaries, reports, memos, letters, financial information, minutes, etc.) to document activities, provide written reference and/or convey information.
  • Processes a wide variety of documents and materials (e.g., payroll adjustments, employment verifications, course reimbursement, budget adjustments, etc.) to disseminate information in compliance with program, district, state and/or federal requirements.
  • Researches a wide variety of topics (e.g., current practices, policies, education codes, etc.) to provide information for addressing a variety of administrative requirements.
  • Responds to a wide variety of inquiries from internal and external parties (e.g., staff, parents, students, public agencies, etc.) to provide information, facilitate communication among parties and/or provide direction.
  • Serves as a resource to other support staff to provide direction and/or technical support with assignments.
  • Maintains office files and records for the department
  • Manages office staff time and leave usage and overseeing payroll activities.
  • Creates forms, databases, and spreadsheets to streamline reporting processes.
  • Maintains inventory of office supplies for the purpose of ensuring items' availability.
  • Attends meetings and workshops to record events, convey and/or receive information.
  • Assists other personnel as may be required to ensure an efficient and effective work environment.
  • May perform other additional duties or tasks designated by the supervisor.

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.

Public Health Compliance
  • Proof of COVID vaccination. Exemptions for religious/medical will be reviewed.
  • Must follow safety and health protocols.


Primary Location:
Central Office
Salary Range:
$54,681.60 - $67,276.80 / Support SUP-26
Shift Type:

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