Fleet Service Technician I

Chantilly, Virginia
Jun 05, 2023
Jun 19, 2023
Full Time

Under close supervision of the Supervisor, Fleet Services performs skilled mechanical work on automotive and construction equipment.  Assures vehicle and equipment standards are maintained.  Provides support to other areas of the Department as needed.  Maintains the automotive repair facility.

 Examples of Duties: Performs skilled mechanical work on automotive and construction equipment by:

  • Participating in major repair work on vehicles and equipment such as: inspecting, removing, disassembling, rebuilding, repairing, welding, adjusting, reinstalling and aligning components such as: engines, automatic transmissions, brakes, clutches, radiators, front ends, rear ends and power trains.
  • Maintaining general vehicle equipment care such as changing oil, lubricating chassis, replacing belts, hoses and other preventive maintenance needs.
  • Making emergency road repairs on vehicles and construction equipment.
  • Repairing tools and equipment for other departments.
  • Preparing and installing seasonal equipment such as snow chains and plows.
  • Servicing vehicles, equipment and emergency generators at any of the Fairfax Water locations.

Assures vehicles and equipment standards are maintained by:

  • Conducting Virginia Safety Inspection.
  • Inspecting and preparing new vehicles, including the installations of special equipment.
  • Reporting any new vehicle discrepancies to the Supervisor, Fleet Services.

Provides support to other areas of the department as needed by:

  • Assisting Fleet Services Technicians II and Senior Fleet Services Technicians with difficult repair work.
  • Picking up and delivering vehicles.
  • Writing repair orders.

Maintains the automotive repair facility by:

  • Cleaning vehicles and equipment.
  • Sweeping floors and collecting trash.

Performs other duties as assigned or required.