Service Monitor Metro Access

May 19, 2023
Jun 02, 2023
Full Time
Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Business or Public Administration, Transportation, Urban Planning, or a related field with a minimum of three (3) years of experience as a high level supervisor/manager in a transit organization and/or a substantial organization providing major services or products to customers. Extensive experience in evaluating, planning, coordinating, and managing successful operations/projects and managing associated cost expenditures is required. Experience working with and/or providing service to people with disabilities.

Experience in lieu of education will be considered if candidate can effectively demonstrate experience as a high level supervisor/manager in a transit organization and/or a substantial organization providing major services or products to customers. Extensive experience in evaluating, planning, coordinating, and managing successful operations/projects and managing associated cost expenditures is required. Experience working with and/or providing service to people with disabilities.

A high level of accurate and functional multitasking, a sense of urgency, and rapid adaptation to change are required. Demonstrated ability in: complex data and management analysis, monitoring contract expenditures, providing exceptional customer service, professional oral and written communications (including formal public presentations), documenting discussions and observations, handling difficult customer interactions. Demonstrated ability to type 40 words per minute and utilize required software/technology. A high level of flexibility in working on a demanding and dynamic workload is required.

Medical Group:

Ability to satisfactorily complete the medical examination for this position. Must be able to perform the essential functions of this job either with or without reasonable accommodation(s).

Job Summary/Duties:

The incumbent will be an exceptional problem-solver, customer service specialist, and superior communicator. Multitasking, a sense of urgency and rapid adaptation to change are required. This is a professional and technical position primarily responsible for continuous monitoring of and reporting all matters pertinent to the operational performance of the Authority's paratransit contractor(s). The incumbent will work on a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team, on which the areas of emphasis include: contract compliance, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, safety, customer service, call center operations, field service operations, data review/analysis and reporting functions, and accounting/billing functions. Also, responsible for providing daily reports to the assigned Manager on information gathered, actions taken, and approvals requested. Keeps his/her Manager informed of safety, operational, customer service, contractor performance, budget/financial management and policy issues requiring attention and seeks clarification from his/her manager whenever policy, contract, or any other interpretation and intervention is required. Employee develops and recommends modifications to operating plans and procedures to ensure that activities are conducted safely and in conformance with industry best practices.

Monitors MetroAccess service to document its safety, reliability, contractual expenditures, and delivery of customer service. Monitors driver and other operations staff adherence to contractual performance standards in the field. Provides reports of these observations for documentation of service not provided in accordance with contract provisions to the assigned Manager and, as instructed by management, contractor(s).

Monitors MetroAccess Operations Control Center (OCC) performance to include, but not limited to, daily real-time proactive monitoring to prevent lateness, analysis of OCC contractor performance through metrics, cost containment measures and review of reports pertaining to OCC functions.

Monitors and reports on financial control measures related to operational performance, including review of contractor invoices and supporting documentation and compliance of revenue collection operations. Analyzes, develops and reports on financial trends, such as with contractual vs. actual costs and financial incentives/disincentives associated with contractor performance. Coordinates internal review of monthly contractor performance and ensure the integrity of operational reports.

Processes, analyzes, summarizes, and distributes weekly performance reports including, but not limited to, telephony and complaint statistics. Monitors phone call recordings. Compiles, analyzes, and maintains contractor daily staffing records and other records as needed, and monitor and report on accuracy thereof. Performs random record checks on the contractor to ensure compliance.

Monitors the quality of customer service and courtesy provided by vehicle operators and contractor personnel from both on-street and on-board observation and provide feedback to management. Observes service delivered to specific customers who have reported problems with their service to verify information reported, identify cause of any service deficiencies, and recommend solutions. Interact with customers in a friendly, sensitive, and professional manner, inquiring as to their satisfaction with services and soliciting opinions and questions.

Monitors proper maintenance of vehicle fleet. Observes and provides reports on vehicle condition, including cleanliness, signage and decals, and heating and cooling systems both from street and onboard observation (where possible).

Inspects driver records for completeness, to include appropriate citizenship verification (I-9 form), active driver's license, motor vehicle record (with no more violations than permitted by contract), and criminal history records (to ensure compliance with contractual criteria).

Processes and inputs incoming complaint letters, emails, and/or phone calls into Trapeze software. Investigates customer complaints utilizing proprietary software and other means. Completes thorough written investigative summaries and letters corresponding to customer complaints and other issues. Analyzes and reports on trends associated with complaints. Contacts customers via phone, written correspondence, and email to identify and resolve complaints. Investigates incidents or activities that impact service-related complaints and alleged violations of noncompliance, ensuring timely and appropriate resolution.

Reviews operational data produced by contract personnel for accuracy and completeness and compare operational data with customer service feedback and monitoring observations. Recommends operational changes to improve performance and enhance the customer experience. Performs technical analyses of operations to identify and avert potential problems. Prepares various reports and status briefings related to MetroAccess operations, external committees and board presentations.

Evaluates paratransit operations and recommend (to assigned Manager) policy and procedural changes to achieve and maintain the program's mission and goals. Reviews daily operations and related reports.

Evaluation Criteria

Consideration will be given to applicants whose resumes demonstrate the required education and experience. Applicants should include all relevant education and work experience.

Evaluation criteria may include one or more of the following:
  • Skills and/or behavioral assessment
  • Personal interview
  • Verification of education and experience (including certifications and licenses)
  • Criminal Background Check (a criminal conviction is not an automatic bar to employment)
  • Medical examination including a drug and alcohol screening (for safety sensitive positions)
  • Review of a current motor vehicle report


WMATA is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, status as a protected veteran, or any other status protected by applicable federal law.

This posting is an announcement of a vacant position under recruitment. It is not intended to replace the official job description. Job descriptions are available upon confirmation of an interview.

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