Part-time Floating Security Specialist

Springfield, VA
May 04, 2023
Jun 05, 2023
Part Time
Job Description

We are looking for an experienced part-time floating Security Specialist with Security Operation Center (SOC) experience to help us elevate our corporate security function. In addition to day-to-day responsibilities, this part-time role is for three 8-hour shifts or combination of shifts equivalent to 24 hours per week.

  • You have a high regard for providing great customer service to clients, vendors, and guests.
  • You enjoy helping others solve problems and finding solutions even when they are outside of your scope of duties.
  • You like working independently and don't mind asking for assistance from your colleagues or supervisor when needed to ensure goals are met.
  • You can remain calm and collective during challenging situation when you may be in charge.
  • You enjoy taking ownership of multiple projects and completing them by their deadline.
  • You are willing to work shifts that consist of 8-hours and 12-hours and understand the commitment of being flexible.
  • You like working in a Security Operation Center where you will be monitoring activity, taking calls, and writing reports.
  • You have an eye for recognizing and taking immediate action to resolve threats, hazards, and abnormalities.

  • The assigned shifts will involve overseeing all security functions at the Washington Post Springfield Plant. The candidate must be flexible and ready to work any assigned shifts.
  • Monitor video and data activity throughout the building using the Security Operation Center's video and data processing technology.
  • Conduct regular security rounds/surveillance of the properties throughout shifts on foot and on vehicle.
  • Ensure the safety of all employees, contractors, vendors and guests by planning security operations around day-to-day activities and specific event; coordinating with the law enforcement officers, outside security firms, and management; checking IDs and badges; and resolving incidents quickly and efficiently.
  • Create new and replacement company badges and assign proper credentials to individuals based on their role.
  • Act as a point of contact for all emergencies related to security, business continuity, and safety of the company, including medical emergencies, personnel issues, and security threats. Organize and direct emergency responses and supporting activities.
  • Analyze loss control and accident reports. Conduct internal investigations in accordance with legal requirements and company policies.
  • Identify gaps in security and safety protocols and develop policies and procedures to close the gaps and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Prepare and maintain all required security manuals.
  • Partner with other functions throughout the company to implement and enforce security procedures or provide security support when needed.
  • Transporting personnel to medical facilities and maintaining proper chain of custody of assigned documents.
  • Document all shift activities on an incident reporting program and submit final report at the end of each shift.
  • Check badges at designated entry points.
  • Complete assigned projects.
  • Respond to alarms or dispatch appropriate personnel as needed.
  • Administrative duties such as answering phones, photo copying, filing, and checking & responding to emails.

  • High school diploma required; Bachelor's Degree preferred; further education in security administration or similar field will be an asset
  • Hands-on experience with surveillance techniques and technology (e.g. CCTV), as well emergency planning and response, is required
  • Corporate security experience preferred
  • Military, law enforcement, or intelligence experience preferred
  • Excellent customer service, interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills
  • Must be able to obtain and retain First Aid, CPR and AED certification
  • Must have a valid driver's license
  • Ability to enforce security protocols in a polite yet assertive way
  • Independent thinking and forward-looking attitude
  • Knowledge of best practices in security and safety, as well as federal and state regulations

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