Procurement Analyst

Washington, D.C
Jan 27, 2023
Feb 02, 2023
Full Time

Applicants may apply for one or both of the appointment terms listed (permanent and/or indefinite not-to-exceed 5 years.)

Permanent employees must reside locally in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area and will be required to report for work onsite a minimum of 3 days per pay period (every two weeks.)

The Indefinite, Not-To-Exceed 5 year position is 100% remote eligible for applicants from outside of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. The salary range advertised is for the Washington, DC area and may be adjusted based on the geographic locale of the selected applicant.

The incumbent serves as a procurement analyst for the Library of Congress programs. This position is located in the Library of Congress Contracts and Grants Directorate, Washington, D.C. The incumbent develops, implements, and oversees procurement policies and procedures for the planning, solicitation, evaluation, negotiation, selection, award, and administration of contracts that support Library programs. The incumbent reports to and supports the Agency Career Manager for the Library's training, certification, and professional development for contracting officers, contract specialists, and contracting officer representatives within the Library's service units.

The incumbent monitors, and updates procurement information systems for the generation of solicitations and contracts, managing official records, and monitoring and reporting contract, staff, and operational performance measures and data on behalf of the office. The incumbent executes and monitors the Contract Compliance Review Program, identifies and reports systemic issues to the Chiefs of the Contracting Office, Policy, and the Director CGD. Coordinates the in-depth compliance review and evaluation of complex, unusual, or unprecedented contract actions. These complex types of acquisitions include mission critical contracts such as preservation services, information technology goods and services to include web services, audio-visual services, and integrated Library systems, and critical facilities support services.

The incumbent coordinates the review of solicitations, contracts, and supporting documentation and compiles and reports the results for appropriate contract type, pricing, source selection, acquisition method, determinations and findings, clarity and appropriate application of standard and specialized contract terms, competition and negotiation, appropriate use of funds, and fidelity of acquisition data. Supports projects involving complex contracting processes and functions covering the entire spectrum of procurement and the contracting process when the project is of such complexity that the support of analysts and technical personnel from other offices is required.

Gathers information from subject matter experts and recommends changes to contracting policies in the entire area of procurement, including responsibility for formulating procedures and guidelines, implementing new developments, and providing policy interpretation to contracting and program staff. Reviews the Library of Congress Federal Acquisition Instructions supplement (LCFARS), and coordinates with the Office of General Counsel to maintain currency and implement needed updates. The incumbent implements, monitors, and updates procurement information systems for the generation of solicitations and contracts and for monitoring and reporting contract, staff, and operational performance measures and data on behalf of the office. Maintains currency of substantive information posted to Library contract-related websites and within contract information systems to ensure the currency of Library procurement guidance, policies, contract clauses, templates, checklists and forms.

The incumbent supports the Agency Career Manager for the Library's training, certification, and professional development for contracting officers, contract specialists, and contracting officer representatives within the Library's service units. Assesses competency of acquisition workforce members and coordinates a professional development program to address gaps and enhance professionalism and ensure sound quality and responsive operations. Coordinates activities for a mentoring and coaching program for CGD staff that recognizes and rewards initiative and continuous improvement.

Relocation expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Conditions of Employment

Library of Congress employees are prohibited from using illegal drugs, including marijuana. The Library is part of the Federal Government and abides by federal law, so regardless of individual state or District of Columbia laws, marijuana use is illegal, considered criminal activity, and can affect your employment at the Library. In addition, past or current drug use and activities (e.g., selling or distributing) may deem you ineligible for employment.

Regarding appointment type: The selectee under this vacancy announcement may be hired as a local, permanent employee OR a remote, indefinite not-to-exceed 5 years employee.

Permanent employees must reside locally in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area and will be required to report for work onsite a minimum of 3 days per pay period (every two weeks.)

Indefinite, not-to-exceed 5 years employees may reside in and work remotely from any location in the United States and its territories outside of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area for the length of their term.


Applicants must have had progressively responsible experience and training sufficient in scope and quality to furnish them with an acceptable level of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the position without more than normal supervision.

Ability to provide advice and assistance on Federal contracting/procurement issues and activities. **

Knowledge of Federal contracting laws, regulations, principles, policies, and procedures to develop and issue solicitations and contracts. **

Knowledge of research and analysis techniques and methods. **

Ability to communicate in writing. **

Ability to utilize Information Technology. **

Ability to negotiate and monitor contracts.

Ability to build and maintain professional relationships.

Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing.


Current FAC-C II certification

Basic Requirements

A. Completion of all mandatory training prescribed by the head of the agency for progression to GS-13 or higher-level contracting positions, including at least 4-years' experience in contracting or related positions. At least 1 year of that experience must have been specialized experience at or equivalent to work at the next lower level of the position, and must have provided the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the work of the position. And

B. A 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree, that included or was supplemented by at least 24 semester hours in any combination of the following fields: accounting, business, finance, law, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and management.

C. Exceptions: Employees in GS-1102 positions will be considered to have met the standard for positions they occupy on January 1, 2000. This also applies to positions at the same grade in the same agency or other agencies if the specialized experience requirements are met. However, they will have to meet the basic requirements and specialized experience requirements in order to qualify for promotion to a higher grade, unless granted a waiver under Paragraph D.

D. Waiver: When filling a specific vacant position, the senior procurement executive of the selecting agency, at his or her discretion, may waive any or all of the requirements of Paragraphs A and B above if the senior procurement executive certifies that the applicant possesses significant potential for advancement to levels of greater responsibility and authority, based on demonstrated analytical and decision making capabilities, job performance, and qualifying experience. With respect to each waiver granted under this Paragraph D, the senior procurement executive must document for the record the basis of the waiver. If an individual is placed in a position in an agency on the basis of a waiver, the agency may later reassign that individual to another position at the same grade within that agency without additional waiver action.

You must submit a legible copy of your college/university transcripts to your online application. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable at the time of application. Official transcripts will be required if selected. Failure to submit the required legible documentation at the time of application will result in disqualification of your application.

Foreign Education - Education completed outside the U.S. must be deemed equivalent to conventional/accredited U.S. education programs to be acceptable for Federal employment. If your college/university is outside the U.S., your transcripts must be accompanied by a report from a credential evaluation service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International Credentials Evaluators (AICE) . Failure to submit a foreign education evaluation report will result in disqualification of your application.

Additional information

Although it is the Library's policy to afford the maximum pay benefit to employees when setting rates of pay, a new appointee who has had no previous Federal service will generally be paid at step one of the grade.

The Library of Congress is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities who meet eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applicants must submit a complete application package that is received by the closing date of this announcement.

Appointment/retention is subject to a favorable evaluation of an appropriate personnel security/suitability investigation. For more information, please see: Vetting Process

This agency provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please email The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants with disabilities may be considered under special hiring procedures and must submit an appropriate certificate of eligibility when applying for this position. The proof or disability/certification may be issued by the State Vocational Rehabilitation Office, Disability Services or Career Services office of the applicant's college or university, or the Department of Veterans Affairs. The letter must verify that the applicant has a severe disability and must be dated within three years of the date of the application. Certification from health care providers are not accepted. For more information contact the Library's Office of EEO/Diversity Programs at 202-707-6024 or email FAILURE TO SUBMIT YOUR CERTIFICATION WILL CAUSE YOUR APPLICATION TO NOT BE CONSIDERED UNDER THE SELECTIVE PLACEMENT PROGRAM.

The Library of Congress is the national library of the United States and is part of the Legislative Branch of the Federal government. As such, all positions are in the excepted service.

The Library reserves the right to fill a lesser or greater number of vacancies indicated during the life of this vacancy announcement.

Initial permanent appointments to the Library of Congress require completion of a one-year probationary period. Probationary periods served at other Federal agencies do not count toward this requirement.

The Library of Congress may offer repayment for all or part of federally insured student loans. However, not all service units within the Library of Congress participates in the repayment of federally insured student loans. Therefore, determination to repay a federally insured student loan is subject to approval by the appropriate service unit.

A "Not to Exceed" (NTE) status is used to identify an appointment with a specific ending date. However, the Library has the right to separate a NTE employee at any time due to either performance issues or budget constraints.

Are you a veteran? Please indicate the type of veterans' preference you are claiming in your application materials and/or applicant profile and provide the appropriate supporting documentation to validate your claim. Those applying for 5-point preference must submit Member Copy 4 of your DD 214. Those applying for 10-point preference must fill out an SF-15 (click here for the form) and provide the required documentation listed on the back of the form. If required supporting documentation is not attached, Veterans' Preference will not be considered in the application process.