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1. Drives and operates firefighting vehicles, such as pumpers, aerial ladder trucks, and Airport Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) vehicles. Drives to the scene of the fire following a predetermined route or selecting an alternate, when necessary, and positions vehicle considering factors, such as wind direction, sources of water, hazards from falling structures, location of armament on aircraft. Leads a crew in the operation of pumps, foam generators, extended waterways, ground sweep nozzles, and other similar equipment. Determines proper pressures, the number of lines, and relays requirements to the booster pumper. When operating a crash truck, maneuvers vehicle to keep the fire in optimum range while ensuring that backflash or flashover will not occur. Maintains constant awareness of levels in self-contained breathing apparatus and warns other firefighters when tanks are close to empty. Assists in training other firefighters on driving vehicles and operating equipment. Participates as a member of the base HAZMAT Response Team. Participates in the DoD Fire and Emergency Services Firefighter Certification System. 25%2. Performs and directs assigned crew in the performance of crash/rescue and firefighting duties at airfields handling large or complex aircraft. Aircraft carry large volumes of fuel, conventional and sometimes nuclear weapons, and/or highly flammable orexplosive cargo. Performs standby duty during aircraft refueling and defueling, engine maintenance and testing, welding and burning on fueled and/or armed aircraft, ammunition handling, or other special circumstances. Maintains constant awareness of the frequent changes in cockpit design, ordnance placement, and cabin layouts to determine how they affect the difficulty of rescue and firefighting. Directs water through turrets and handlines to cool weapons and ammunitions during rescue. Operates or deactivates specialized mechanisms and systems, such as hatch or canopy release mechanisms, ejection seat mechanisms, or oxygen supply systems. Sometimes uses special tools developed for the particular mechanism. 20%3. Performs and leads assigned crew in structural firefighting duties for a variety of facilities which may include research and/or large industrial complexes. Performs prefire planning by physically going through structures to become familiar with the layout, fire hazards, and location of fixed fire protection systems. May assist in the development of special protective services for structures imposing extreme hazards. Controls and extinguishes fires by operating hoses, ladders, and hydrants. 20 %4. Performs and leads assigned crew in the rescue of personnel and a variety of first aid measures to alleviate further injury and prepare the victim(s) for transport to a medical facility. 15 %5. Maintains firefighting equipment and fire station facilities. Performs and directs assigned crew in functional tests and inspections and preventive maintenance on equipment and housekeeping duties associated with assigned facilities. Complies with health, safety, and environmental rules and procedures and performs work in a manner that enhances the safety of the work environment. Ensures federal, state, and local protection/prevention ordinances and building codes concerning health, safety, and the environment are strictly adhered to. Uses and assures proper fit of required safety equipment and clothing. 10%Performs other duties as assigned.


Conditions of Employment

Federal employment suitability as determined by a background investigation. May be required to successfully complete a probationary period. Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.
Maximum entry age 37.Drug Test required
Must pass NFPA 1582 Physical
1. Employee must participate in a mandatory physical fitness program.
2. Employee is required to use all safety equipment and clothing provided by management.
3. The employee is required to work a 72 hour week on a 24 hour on/24 hour off basis which includes weekends and holidays. May be subject to recall.
4. This is a Testing Designated Position. The employee is subject to random drug testing (IAW HQ-USAF letter dated 29 Jan 90)
.5. This position requires the employee to work under adverse environmental conditions and falls under the respiratory protection program and hearing conservation program.
6. The work requires the employee to drive a motor vehicle. An appropriate, valid driver's license is required.
7. Position requires the ability to discern colors, contrast, and depth.
8. May be required to work the Fire Alarm and Communications Center (FACC).
9. May be required to participate on Hazardous Materials Teams (HAZMAT).
10. May be required to perform duties associated with the operation of aircraft arresting barrier equipment.
11. Employee is required to be certified by the DoD Firefighter Certification System as Airport Firefighter (includes Firefighter I, II), Hazmat Operations (includes Hazmat Awareness), Apparatus Driver Operator- Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting, Apparatus Driver Operator- Pumper, Apparatus Driver Operator-Mobile Water Supply (MWS)*.National Registry or a state issued EMR certification eligible for reciprocity with the State of Maryland.


SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE : Experience that demonstrated the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA's) to perform successfully the duties of the position. Such duties may include (1) controlling or extinguishing fires as a member of an organized military, industrial, volunteer, or governmental fire department or brigade; (2) rescue operations; (3) detection, reduction, or elimination of potential fire hazards; (4) operation of fire communications equipment; (5) controlling hazardous materials incidents and/or (6) developing, implementing, or providing training in fire protection and prevention. Requirements For Motor Vehicle Operation For those positions requiring employees to drive motorized firefighting equipment, candidates must possess and maintain a valid State motor vehicle operator's license of the appropriate classification or kind.
Applicants also may be required to pass a practical road test and provide information on their driving record. See 5 CFR 930 and the "General Policies and Instructions" section of this Manual for additional requirements for motor vehicle operators.
Mechanical Equipment Operator Qualifications. For those positions requiring the operation of specialized firefighting pumping equipment, mounted pressurized systems, dispensing devices, and/or rescue tools, applicants may be required to demonstrate the ability, before appointment, to operate the specific equipment to which they will be assigned, or similar related types of hydraulic equipment.
Medical Requirements Applicants for positions that have duties of an arduous or hazardous nature must meet the medical standards described below. Since individual positions may not include all such duties, a physical condition or impairment may be disqualifying for employment only if there is a direct relationship between the condition and the nature of the duties of the specific position to be filled. Employees in positions involving firefighting duties or other duties involving arduous physical exertion may be subject to periodic (e.g., annual) medical examinations following appointment to determine fitness for continued performance of the duties of the position. (See 5 CFR 339.)Any serious deviation from sound medical condition may be grounds for rejection of an applicant regardless of whether the condition is named below. Remediable defects or curable diseases will not exclude a person from consideration, but proof that such defects have been remedied or the disease cured must be received during the life of the eligible register before persons otherwise qualified may be considered for appointment under civil service rules.
Eyes: Corrected distant vision must be at least 20/30 in one eye and 20/70 in the other eye. Uncorrected distant vision is required only if it is likely that corrective lenses may be lost or broken. If so, uncorrected distant vision must be at least 20/100 binocular. Ability to distinguish basic colors is required. Applicants must be free from acute or chronic eye disease.
Ears: Using an audiometer for measurement, there should be no loss of 30 or more decibels in the unaided worst ear at the 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz levels.
Nose, Mouth, and Throat: Applicants must be free from conditions that interfere with distinct speech, free breathing, or with the use of breathing apparatuses or protective equipment. Lungs: Applicants must be free from any pulmonary or chest wall disease or condition that results in not being able to perform the duties of the position. Heart and Blood Vessels: The following conditions may be cause for rejection: organic heart disease, valvular or vascular diseases, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, recurrent syncope, or history of myocardial infarction.
Abdomen: Acute or chronic disease or inflammation of the abdominal viscera, hernia, or significant enlargement of the liver or spleen that interferes with the performance of the duties of the position will be cause for rejection.
Spine, Pelvic, Sacroiliac and Lumbo-Sacral Joints: Applicants must have free movement of spine and pelvic joints.
Neurological System: Degenerative neurological disease or disorder that results in documented evidence of neurological impairment that renders the applicant unable to perform the duties of the position will be cause for rejection. A history of serious mental disease may be disqualifying.
Extremities: Individuals cannot have anomalies in the number, form, proportion, and movement of the extremities that interfere with function. This includes non-united fractures; nonreducible dislocations; united fractures and reduced dislocations with incomplete restoration of function; amputation of arm, hand, leg, or foot; loss of any skeletal portion of the thumb of either hand; loss of more than the two distal phalanges of the ring or little fingers of either hand; any lose joints; pes cavus, weak foot, or clubfoot; flatfoot with symptoms unresponsive to orthotics; loss or deformity of great toe or any two toes on the same foot; torn cartilage or loose foreign bodies within the knee joint; instability of the knee joint; or inadequately healed surgical procedure.
Maximum Entry Age 37Title 5 U.S.C. 3307 authorizes the head of any agency to establish a maximum entry age for the original appointment of individuals to the position of firefighter.


Please submit documentation of all current Firefighter and EMT certifications listed below. Failure to include substantiating documentation will result in disqualification from consideration. Airport Firefighter (includes Firefighter I, II), Hazmat Operations (includes Hazmat Awareness), Apparatus Driver Operator- Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting, Apparatus Driver Operator- Pumper, Apparatus Driver Operator- Mobile Water Supply (MWS)*.National Registry oor a state issued EMR certification eligible for reciprocity with the State of Maryland.

You must provide transcripts or other documentation to support your Educational claims. To receive credit for Education, you must provide documentation of proof that you meet the Education requirements for this position.

Additional information

If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency ( Register | Selective Service System : Selective Service System ( ).

If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application .

This position is not currently approved for Special Retirement Coverage (SRC). Contributions made towards retirement will be applied towards Federal Employee Retirement System Further Revised Annuity(FERS-FRAE).2. If SRC is approved you may be subject to Special Retirement provisions to include additional contributions to the retirement fund, mandatory separation/retirement at age 57 with 20 years of approved special retirement provisions service, options for early retirement at any age after 25 years of approved special retirement provisions service, or at age 50 with 20 years of approved special retirement provisions service If approved:
Special Retirement Provisions Authority: One of the following may apply
- FERS Position may be covered as rigorous under the FERS special retirement provisions for Federal firefighters [5USC 8401(14), 5 USC 8412 (d), and 5 CFR 842.802]. Authority: Under Secretary of Defense Memorandum, dated 21 Nov 03.OR
- CSRS Position may be covered as a primary position under the CSRS special retirement provisions for Federal firefighters [5 USC 8331(21), 5 USC 8336(c), and 5 CFR 831.902]. Authority: Under Secretary of Defense Memorandum, dated 21 Nov 03.

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