Library Media Specialist (Elementary) - General Pool (2023-2024 SY)

Alexandria City Public Schools
Alexandria, Virginia
Closing date
Dec 16, 2023

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Job Description:

The Library Media Specialist facilitates the efficient operation of the school's library services.

This position reports to the Principal.

  • Education: Bachelor's degree; Master's degree preferred. Must have completed an approved program for Library Media Specialist.
  • Certificates & Licenses: Valid Virginia Department of Education license with an endorsement in Library Media, or eligibility to obtain one.
  • Experience: Previous experience as a Media Specialist preferred. Knowledge of library media services.

Essential Functions:
  1. Human Behavior
    • Relates knowledge of the characteristics of human growth and development to decisions on the effective use of media in appropriate learning experiences.
    • Exercises leadership through assisting individuals and groups in the learning process.
    • Establishes and maintains an atmosphere in which library media center staff, faculty, and students work harmoniously at optimum levels.
    • Plans learning activities which allows students to move toward independence and self-directed learning.
    • Identifies and evaluates student performance capabilities for particular types of learning activities and tasks.
    • Participates in continuous assessment of curriculum and instructional programs based on documented curriculum objectives.
  2. Learning and Learning Environment
    • Applies the principles of learning and learning theory to assist the learner in his/her pursuit of individual and group research and inquiry. Participates in the design, construction, and revision of curriculum on a continuous basis.
    • Provides leadership in establishing goals and objectives for the library media program as an integral part of the educational mission of the school.
    • Plans learning activities which allow students to move toward independence and self-directed learning.
    • Identifies and evaluates student performance capabilities for particular types of learning activities and tasks.
    • Participates in continuous assessment of curriculum and instructional programs based on documented curriculum objectives.
  3. Planning and Evaluation
    • Determines the goals, functions, and components of the library media program to support the objectives of the total school program.
    • Assesses the status of the library media program to plan for future development.
    • Analyzes the assessment findings to plan for the future development of the media program.
    • Identifies and implements goals and objectives for the short and long-range development of the library media program.
    • Develops and implements a continuous evaluation plan to identify the operational strengths and weaknesses of the library media program.
    • Designs, develops, and writes proposals for acquiring local, state, and federal funds to support and extend the library media program.
  4. Media
    • Develops and implements criteria for evaluating and selecting all types of media and instructional equipment.
    • Builds a collection of bibliographic tools to provide current information about media and equipment.
    • Establishes and administers procedures for preview, evaluation, and selection of media and instructional equipment.
    • Evaluates and selects teaching and learning resources appropriate to the developmental needs of students and supportive of curricular objectives.
    • Maintains on-going acquisition program for media resources and instructional equipment.
    • Organizes library media and equipment through a system of cataloging, classification, and indexing which will provide continuous user access
    • Develops bibliographies for faculty/student use in the selection of learning resources.
    • Provides consultation and support for all staff development activities conducted in school.
    • Provides continuous information to students on the materials, equipment and services available through the Library Media Center.
    • Motivates and guides students in the development of reading, viewing, and listening skills which encompass both cognitive and affective competencies.
    • Instructs students in the effective use of library resources and equipment.
    • Instructs students in skills related to retrieving, documenting, evaluation, synthesizing, and using information sources to meet instructional objectives and personal needs.
    • Supervises students in their use of resources and equipment in the library media center.
    • Assesses student use of resources and equipment.
    • Develops a continuous public relations program to stimulate faculty and student use of library resources, equipment, and services.
    • Provides production facilities and services to support the educational programs.
    • Informs faculty and students of the types of production services available or specific needs.
    • Produces instructional media to meet specific instructional objectives.
    • Adopts and edits locally produced media to meet learning needs.
    • Promotes effective use of instructional television and video resources.
    • Produces video programs to meet instructional needs.
    • Implements the effective use of Technology in the instructional program (on-line information retrieval; word processing; graphics production, and other related uses).
  5. Management
    • Applies the principles of management to the development and operation of the library media program.
    • Provides leadership for the development and administration of the library media program.
    • Initiates, develops, and implements policies and procedures for the operation of the Library Media Center.
    • Plans and implements functional organizational patterns for staffing the library media center.
    • Assists in the selection and evaluation of Library Media Center personnel.
    • Implements personnel policies and procedures conducive to effective personnel relationships.
    • Administers personnel policies for the effective operation of the library media program.
    • Provides opportunities for library media center personnel to participate in staff development in an in service training activities.
    • Prepares and provides rationale for Library Media Center budget in conjunction with Principal and Director of Libraries and Instructional Resources.
    • Administers the library media center budget to implement programs.
    • Prepares and administers budget for library media center resources and equipment as part of special project funded by private, local, state, or federal monies.
    • Participates in the planning of Library Media Center facilities which will support and enhance the instructional program.
    • Prepares statistical records and written records of the library media program including monthly reports; biennial state media reports, and annual equipment inventory reports.
    • Develops methods and techniques for promoting the role of the library media program in the school and community.
    • Implements policies and procedures for the purpose of maintaining control systems for the library media, equipment, and facilities.
    • Knows legislation such as copyright laws which affects the library media programs and makes appropriate application to library media center operations and disseminates guidelines to faculty and staff.
  6. Research
    • Applies research principles to the development of the library media program.
    • Utilizes existing research finding to improve the library media center programs.
    • Implements action research and applies finding to improvement of the library media program.
    • Assists teachers in locating research materials.
  7. Professional Growth and Development
    • Exercises a leadership role in the educational and local communities.
    • Utilizes existing research findings to improve the library media center programs.
    • Advocates and supports opportunities for professional improvement.
    • Engages in continuous study and self-evaluation for professional growth.
    • Assists teachers in locating professional resources to stimulate professional growth.
    • Supports academic freedom for teachers and students.
  8. Performs other related duties, as assigned, to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.

Public Health Compliance
  • Proof of COVID vaccination. Exemptions for religious/medical will be reviewed.
  • Must follow safety and health protocols.


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Alexandria City Public Schools is one of the most diverse school systems in the country and we celebrate that diversity. Our students come from more than 80 different countries, speak more than 60 languages, and represent a rainbow of ethnic and cultural groups. They are economically diverse, but all are rich in that the residents of Alexandria are dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of them achieves success.

The children of Alexandria have benefited significantly from the strong support of City Council and the Alexandria community over the years. Tremendous gains have been made in student achievement and ACPS continues to be in the forefront of technology integration.

T.C. Williams High School is on the cutting edge, both inside and out. The award-winning building features numerous environmentally sound features, such as a 450,000-gallon underground cistern that collects and stores rainwater for building use, and a rooftop garden that provides stormwater management. The redesigned educational program at T.C. consists of smaller learning communities designed to increase academic achievement and the level of student engagement. Students feel more connected to caring adults, and teachers have more opportunity to know and support their students.

The City of Alexandria was recently named one of the Top 100 Communities for Young People by America's Promise, partly because of the quality of our schools and programs. A recent City survey indicates that the number of people who made the decision to live in Alexandria based on the quality of the schools has increased since 2004. We have many reasons to celebrate. ACPS is truly an urban success!

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2000 N Beauregard St

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