Deputy National Intelligence Office for Economic Issues

Expiring today

McLean, Virginia
Jan 21, 2023
Jan 27, 2023
Analyst, Intelligence
Full Time

Lead the Intelligence Community's production of strategic analysis on global economic, energy and financial issues, including illicit finance and sanctions, working as part of the NIO for Economics team and with other regional and functional NIO teams.

Manage Community-wide coordination of National Intelligence Estimates and other community analytic assessments such as Intelligence Community Assessments, National Intelligence Council Memoranda, and Sense of the Community Memoranda concerning global economic, energy and financial issues. Serve as an honest broker for competing IC views.

Represent the NIC in policy meetings and in briefings for policy customers, and members of Congress and Congressional staffers.

Apprise the DNI on issues in support of his/her role as the principal intelligence adviser to the President. This includes the preparation and coordination of background papers and briefing books for the DNI and PDDNI's participation in Cabinet Meetings and National Security Council Principals' Committee and Deputies' Committee meetings.

Engage policymakers and members of the Intelligence Community to ensure timely and appropriate NIC intelligence support to policymakers on global economic, financial, and energy issues.

Establish and manage relationships with academia, the business community, and other non-government subject matter experts to ensure the IC has a comprehensive understanding of global economic, energy and financial issues.

Participate in meetings with foreign liaison on issues related to your expertise.

Build and leverage diverse collaborative networks within the ODNI and across the IC.


Conditions of Employment

Must be a current permanent ODNI employee.


Mandatory Requirements:

Demonstrated interpersonal, organizational, and management skills to conceptualize and lead complex analytic projects with limited supervision. Ability to work with and fairly represent the community when analytic views differ among agencies.

Demonstrated communications skills, including ability to communicate with people at all levels of leadership and target knowledge, both inside and outside the organization, to give oral presentations and to otherwise represent the NIC in interagency meetings.

Proven critical thinking skills and the ability to draft and prepare finished intelligence assessments and other written products with emphasis on outstanding analytic tradecraft, clear organization, and concise, well-sourced, and logical presentation.

Extensive knowledge of economic analysis and knowledge of the IC's economic analytic community and collection issues and gaps.

Extensive knowledge of and ability to apply analytic, diagnostic, and qualitative techniques sufficient to produce authoritative finished intelligence products and the ability to employ new methodological approaches to analyze information.

Creative problem-solving skills and initiative in carrying out mission responsibilities.

Desired Requirements:

Demonstrated ability to express facts and complex ideas clearly, concisely, and accurately to a high-level community policy audiences.

A track record of effectively leading, communicating and making authoritative analytic assessments via written products and briefs.

Education or work experience in more than one sub-field of economics and/or economic security including but not limited to digital assets, energy, global financial markets, regional and/or country specific economic analysis, sanctions, supply chains, threat (illicit) finance, and trade.

Demonstrated analytical and critical thinking skills, including the ability to think strategically and identify collection issues and gaps.


Education or work experience in more than one sub-fields of economics and/or economic security including but not limited to digital assets, energy, global financial markets, regional and/or country specific economic analysis, sanctions, supply chains, threat (illicit) finance, and trade.

Additional information

Job Interview Travel: Candidates from outside the Washington, D.C., area may be selected for a telephone, teleconference, or in-person interview.

Reasonable Accommodations:

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