Probation Administrator

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Washington, D.C
Jan 21, 2023
Jan 29, 2023
Full Time

The Probation Administrator position is located in the Department of Program Services (DPS), Probation and Pretrial Services Office (PPSO), National Program Development Division. PPSO is responsible for the financial management, oversight, and support of the judiciary's probation and pretrial services program. The National Program Development Division (NPD) develops and implements policies, procedures, data management and governance, and IT business support for the probation and pretrial services system.

This position will report to the Branch Chief in the NPD. The Probation Administrator will assist PPSO's Information Technology (IT) Business Support Branch as a program data analyst administrator responsible for developing, overseeing, organizing, and analyzing data and data systems. The incumbent will facilitate coordination between offices, departments, and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with subject matter experts in PPSO and the courts regarding the impact on business processes and system outcomes related to IT initiatives.

The duties of this position include, but are not limited to:
  • Organizing and modeling data to suggest conclusions and support decision making thus ensuring that PPSO capably responds to changing business requirements.
  • Designing, developing, and modifying data infrastructure to accelerate the processes of data analysis, modeling, and reporting.
  • Using data analytic and statistical modeling techniques for collecting, reviewing, interpreting, evaluating, and integrating data from multiple sources to identify patterns, trends, or relationships among variables.
  • Utilizing data visualization techniques to include the use of common software tools (e.g., Power BI, Excel, etc.) to help analyze trends and prepare reports.
  • Forecasting changes in caseloads, workload, staffing, and budgets.
  • Overseeing the integration of new technologies and initiatives into data standards and structures.
  • Evaluating the design, selection, and implementation of database changes by comparing them with business requirements and design documents.
  • Ensuring data and information security assessments and plans are protecting probation and pretrial services data.
  • Working closely with PPSO data and budget analysts to ensure the highest quality of data analysis, projections, and information management.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships and communications with individuals and stakeholder groups.
  • Developing, enhancing, managing, and monitoring processes that will integrate many datasets and foster new reporting and analysis standards and capabilities.
  • Maintaining awareness of law, regulations, policy, and other controls so that analytical insights reflect accurate assumptions and produce realistic insights and options for consideration.

  • Requirements

    Conditions of Employment

  • All information is subject to verification. Applicants are advised that false answers or omissions of information on application materials or inability to meet the following conditions may be grounds for non-selection, withdrawal of an offer of employment, or dismissal after being employed.
  • Selection for this position is contingent upon completion of OF-306, Declaration of Federal Employment during the pre-employment process and proof of U.S. citizenship for competitive status positions or conversion to a competitive status position with the AO. If non-citizens are considered for hire into a temporary or any other position with non-competitive status or when it is confirmed by the AO Human Resources Office there are no qualified U.S. citizens for a competitive status position (unless prohibited by a law or statue), non-citizens must provide proof of authorization to work in the U.S. and proof of entitlement to receive compensation. Additional information on the employment of non-citizens can be found at USAJOBS Help Center | Employment of non-citizens / . For a list of documents that may be used to provide proof of citizenship or authorization to work in the United States, please refer to Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification .
  • All new AO employees will be required to complete an FBI fingerprint-based national criminal database and records check and pass a public trust suitability check.
  • New employees to the AO will be required to successfully pass the E-Verify employment verification check. To learn more about E-Verify, including your rights/responsibilities, visit .
  • All new AO employees are required to identify a financial institution for direct deposit of pay before appointment.
  • You will be required to serve a trial period if selected for a first-time appointment to the Federal government, transferring from another Federal agency, or serving as a first-time supervisor. Failure to successfully complete the trial period may result in termination of employment.
  • If appointed to a temporary position, management may have the discretion of converting the position to permanent depending upon funding and staffing allocation.

  • Qualifications

    Applicants must have demonstrated experience as listed below. This requirement is according to the AO Classification, Compensation, and Recruitment Systems which include interpretive guidance and reference to the OPM Operating Manual for Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions.

    Specialized Experience : Applicants must have at least one full year (52 weeks) of specialized experience which is in or directly related to the line of work of this position. Specialized experience is demonstrated experience (1) processing, analyzing, interpreting, and organizing large amounts of probation and pretrial services data; (2) applying current federal probation and pretrial services policies and procedures that lead to business processes and outcome measurement results; and (3) developing comprehensive analytical reports for predictive analysis, trend reporting, and outcome measurements.

    Highly Desired:
    • Experience communicating and translating complex problems using non-technical terms.
    • Experience understanding and working competently with modern cloud systems, enterprise data warehouses, data lakes, data marts, and other information technologies.
    • Experience performing mathematical operations, including problem-solving and advanced analytical analysis.
    • Experience utilizing time management skills to work towards meeting multiple deadlines simultaneously.
    • Experience compiling and organizing findings of data analysis for formal written and oral presentations to stake holders and management.


    The basic qualifications can be met in one of three ways:
  • Degree in behavioral or social science, or related disciplines appropriate to the position.
  • Combination of education and experience that provides the applicant with knowledge of one or more of the behavioral or social sciences equivalent to a major in the field.
  • Four years of appropriate experience that demonstrates that the applicant has acquired knowledge of one or more of the behavioral or social sciences equivalent to a major in the field.

  • Additional information

    The AO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.