Director, Digital and Campaign Analytics

McLean, Virginia
Jan 11, 2023
Feb 01, 2023
Full Time

Position: Subject matter expert to design and recommend appropriate analytical
approaches and methodology to address key issues for campaign and digital initiatives.
Support design and implementation of experimentation necessary to improve channel
efficiency, drive growth, and inform marketing investment decisions. Develop
dashboards and regular reports and analysis of key metrics related to various digital
efforts. Leverage existing tools such as SQL, Excel, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and
Tableau to improve reporting efficiencies or to automate the correction of identified data
discrepancies. Use attribution and ROI models to hone the accuracy of programs to
drive efficiency across channels and customer segments via data-driven decision-
making, facilitating global ROI and budget forecasting. Ensure that the business
understands its own health, finds growth levers, and identifies opportunities for
optimization and growth. Oversee all relevant vendor partnerships involved in digital
Requirements: Master’s degree in Engineering Management or related + min. 2 years of
experience in job offered or as a Marketing Analyst.

Appian is an Equal Opportunity Employer.