Part Time Building Engineer

Springfield, VA
May 23, 2022
May 21, 2023
Engineer, IT, QA Engineer
Part Time
Job Description

The Washington Post

Part-time Building Engineer

Weekend Shifts

Springfield, VA

We're looking for a reliable and talented individual who knows his or her way around the inner workings of buildings to become our next Building Engineer. You'll be tasked with operating, maintaining or repairing all manner of critical nuts and bolts that keep our Springfield, VA printing plant working effectively and efficiently every day. From boilers and heaters to refrigerant compressors and gas distribution lines to electrical motors and trash compactors, you'll be a whiz at applying your engineering and technical know-how to work with all these building features-and much more. It's an important role at The Washington Post that may just be that challenging and rewarding next career move you're looking for.

Responsibilities include:

• Operate, maintain and repair all boilers, heaters, pumps, valves, appurtenances and lines used in the distribution of steam and heated and/or process chilled water

• Operate, maintain and repair refrigerant compressors, condensers, evaporators, traps, transfer pumps, expansion valves, stop valves and float valves, together with all refrigerant lines and devices used to control temperature

• Operate, maintain and repair pumps and/or other secondary refrigerating liquids, together with all valves, appurtenances and lines used in the system

• Operate, maintain and repair air compressors, together with distribution lines and all valves and devices for air control

• Operate, maintain and repair all natural and manufactured gas distribution lines, including all valves and control devices

• Operate, maintain and repair water filters, softeners, piping and pumps used in conjunction with water distribution, including all sinks, toilet bowls, supply lines, drains and water lines

• Operate, maintain and repair all types of electrical motors and engines used to power pumps, compressors and fans

• Operate, maintain and repair fuel oil systems, including pumps, valves, lines, controls and fuel tanks

• Operate, maintain and repair sanitary sewer systems, including sump pumps, basins, water closets, urinals, toilets and piping

• Maintain and repair trash compactors, including electrical and hydraulic systems

• Maintain electrical power distribution and auxiliaries for building's lighting, mechanical, plumbing and control components, including lighting maintenance

• Maintain proper operation during seasonal changes and recalibrate controls based on seasonal conditions to ensure energy efficient operation

• Maintain all equipment as required per the Preventive Maintenance Program

• Maintain life safety and security systems

• Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by building management

Requirements include:

• Ability to work with metal fabrication, welding, pipe fitting and plumbing (desired)

• Work with fire alarms/sprinkler systems, 500 ton chillers, 150/200HP screw air compressors

• 3rd Class Operating Engineer License from Maryland or DC

• Universal CFC certification

Interested applicants must attach a resume

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