Andrews AFB, Maryland
Dec 08, 2022
Dec 12, 2022
Human Resources
Full Time

Serves as advisor to commanders on assigned unit human resources HR programs. Interprets policy and provides procedural guidance to commanders, supervisors, and staff members. Provides guidance and assistance on unit program(s) for which responsible. Provides training to supervisors on all military human resources issues. Analyzes data and subsequent determinations regarding any number of human resources matters that may involve or affect AGRs, drill status guardsmen, and/or family members. Advises supervisors or managers within unit when actions may affect productivity or mission. Conducts staff visits and trains personnel (AGRs), traditional drill status guardsmen, supervisors, managers, etc. within the unit in all programs for which responsible. Conducts periodic briefings for staff, commanders, and administrative personnel to promote a full understanding of all aspects of the assigned program(s). Provides commanders, supervisors, and the MPF staff with a variety statistical data report pertaining to military HR issues to assist in HR management decisions. Accomplishes/oversees the accomplishment of technical support work in each of the functional areas within this program area. Incumbent has responsibility/accountability for assigned program accomplishment personally and through subordinate full-time technicians and/or drill status guardsmen when assigned.

(1) Career Enhancements : Plans, directs, controls, and provides advisory services on all aspects of the Career Enhancement program for both Active Guard Reserve (AGR), unit drill status guardsmen, full time technicians and potential members. Develops internal policies and procedures governing administration of the following programs: Officer Performance Report/Enlisted Performance Report (OPR/EPR), and officer, enlisted promotions, and enlisted demotions.
(2) Customer Service : Plans, directs, and controls all aspects of the Customer Service Program. Manages the Air Force Personnel Records System. Develops procedures and establishes policy for building, updating, auditing, and accountability of and disposition of automated and manual records. Monitors the maintenance and security of the Unit Personnel Record Group (UPRG) ensuring content meets regulatory requirements and are safeguarded.
(3) Relocations : Plans, directs, and controls all aspects of the Relocation program for all members. Responsible for the development of internal policies and procedures governing administration of the following programs: reassignments (voluntary/involuntary), separations (voluntary/involuntary), unsatisfactory participation, retirements, conditional releases, advise commanders on stop-loss, activation periods, and demobilization, and inter- and intra-service transfers. Advises members on retirement benefits and eligibility, insurance, veterans' benefits, and survivor benefit plans.
-- Ensures accuracy of human resources data system and performs functional review of data reliability relative to the relocations program.
(4) Employments : Plans, directs, and controls all aspects of the human resources employment program. Responsible for the development of internal policies and procedures governing administration of Personnel Employment programs to include inbound assignment for officer and airmen personnel; certification of military qualifications and assignment eligibility for AGRs, traditional drill status guardsmen applicants; and in-processing of personnel.
(5) Readiness : Develops wing readiness plans for the administration of contingencies and mobilizations. Determines human resources requirements in support of mobilization. Coordinates with gaining Major Commands (MAJCOMs), Headquarters, Personnel Readiness Center (PRC), National Guard Bureau (NGB), and unit commanders regarding all matters concerning the activation and/or deployment of forces.
-- Manages contingency and exercise deployments.
-- Manages Deployment Systems. Manages and controls the Personnel Module of the Integrated Deployment System (IDS), critical to deployment/employment of tasked personnel in support of global operations.
-- Is responsible to the Military Support Flight Commander for the Personnel Support for Contingency Operations (PERSCO) portion of the Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) Report.
-- Serves as Classified Control Officer responsible for safeguarding and proper destruction of classified material IAW AF instructions, higher headquarters and local guidance.

(6) Performs other duties as assigned.



Conditions of Employment

  • Federal employment suitability as determined by a background investigation.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain the appropriate security clearance of the position.
  • May be required to successfully complete a probationary period.
  • This position is subject to provisions of the DoD Priority Placement Program.
  • May occasionally be required to work other than normal duty hours; overtime may be required.
  • Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.


Area I: Current on board DCNG Title 32 and Title 5 Federal Employees only.
Area II: Current Competitive and Excepted Federal employees nationwide and individuals eligible for veteran's preference.
Area II: All groups of Federal re-employable eligible.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE : Must have at least one (1) year of specialized experiences at the GS-07 level in the Federal Service or equivalent experience in the Private or Public Sector that provided a working knowledge of National Guard missions, organizations, and federal civilian or military personnel programs. Must have experiences in executing personnel programs and Human Resources Information Systems. Have knowledge and understanding of the personnel and manpower core competencies: Organization Structure; Requirements Determination; Program Allocation and Control; and Performance Improvement. Have a working knowledge of organizational structures; manpower standards; manpower resources; manpower data systems; or commercial services to include strategic sourcing. Be experienced in performing personnel program requirements that involve advising supervisors and managers; and, experienced in completing accession planning and processing; classification and position management; and civilian promotions. Be experienced in advertising positions, processing assignments or reassignment actions; reviewing human resources development programs; applying education and training policy requirements; discussing retraining procedures; and/or providing retirement options.

PART-TIME OR UNPAID EXPERIENCE: Credit will be given for appropriate unpaid and or part-time work. You must clearly identify the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the total number of hours per week.

VOLUNTEER WORK EXPERIENCE: Refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service Programs (i.e., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community; student and social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge and skills that can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.

MERIT PROMOTION/ TIME IN GRADE (TIG): All series personnel performance levels must be validated at the next higher level before being eligible for merit promotion consideration to the GS-0201 graded-position and, must have a minimum of one-year on-the-job experience in the grade immediately below the next higher level (GS-07 grade level).

To qualify for this position, a new hire federal-civilian service program applicant should have competent experiences that are equivalent or commensurate to the Human Resources Management missions with a demonstrated understandings of the principles and concepts defined by the applicable National Guard Title 5 Excepted Service Series GS-0201 Position Descriptions' job analysis.

  • This position is covered by the Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Amendment (30 Sep 96) of the Gun Control Act (Lautenberg Amendment) of 1968. An individual convicted of a qualifying crime of domestic violence may not perform the duties of this position.
  • Must have the ability to establish effective professional working relationships with coworkers and customers, contributing to a cooperative working environment and successful accomplishment of the mission.
  • This position is designated as Essential Personnel and may be subject to duty in preparation for, or in response to, a state emergency or disaster declaration. This designation will not exceed 14 calendar days per year unless otherwise approved in advance by the TAG.
  • The duties and responsibilities of this job may significantly impact the environment. Incumbent is responsible for maintaining awareness of your environmental responsibilities as dictated by legal and regulatory requirements, your organization, and its changing mission.


There are no specific educational requirements for this position.

Additional information

VETERAN'S PREFERENCE: In order to adjudicate your Veterans' Preference claims, you must upload all supporting documentation. Such as: DD214s, VA disability letters (Must show service connected), SF-15, etc.

- Are you a veteran claiming sole survivorship preference or 5-point veterans' preference? You must provide legible copy/copies of the following: DD-214 (member 4 copy), "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty," showing all dates of service, as well as character of service (Honorable, General, etc.) or Statement of Service/Proof of Service (in lieu of a DD-214) from your command or local Personnel Support office. The Statement of Service/Proof of Service must provide all dates of service, the expected date of discharge and anticipated character of service (Honorable, General, etc.). If you have more than one DD-214, you are strongly encouraged to upload all your DD-214s.

- Are you a disabled veteran or claiming 10-point veterans' preference? Disabled veterans, veterans, widows, spouses or the mother of a veteran, who are eligible for 10-point veterans' preference, are required to provide legible copies of all supporting documentation to validate your claim of Veterans Preference eligibility with your application at the time of submission. Must provide legible copies of the following: Applicable supporting documents as noted on Standard Form-15 (SF-15). To obtain a copy of SF-15, go to

- Are you unsure as to whether you qualify for veterans' preference? Please review the OPM Vet Guide to determine if you qualify for Veterans' Preference. Please visit:

If you are currently serving on active duty and expect to be released or discharged within 120 days you must submit documentation related to your active duty service which reflects the dates of service, character of service (honorable, general, etc.), and dates of impending separation.

If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency ( ).

If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application .