Chief of Operations

Bethesda, Maryland
Dec 01, 2022
Dec 02, 2022
Executive, Chief
Full Time

The NCSC Enterprise Threat-Mitigation Directorate (ETD) serves the US Government and its public and private sector partners, providing guidance and advocacy to promote active, integrated mission practices that counter all aspects of adversarial and insider threats to public health and safety, economic security, and national security. ETD executes ODNI responsibilities under Executive Order (E.O.) 13587 by leading the National Insider Threat Task Force; National Security Presidential Memorandum 28 by leading the National Operations Security Program; Intelligence Community Directive 701 for Unauthorized Disclosures in the Intelligence Community; and by promoting a defensive counterintelligence posture among our public and private sector partners.

Oversee, manage, and lead programmatic initiatives and the daily operations of the organization and collaborate with office leadership to ensure strategic alignment with the mission, goals, and objectives of NCSC and the ODNI.

Lead, manage, and oversee personnel, training, budget, contract administration policies and procedures, as well as, information technology, facilities, equipment, and logistics to foster successful achievement of the organization's mission.

Oversee budget planning and execution, strategic resource planning, and budget decisions and serve as the primary approving official for the office.

Oversee and facilitate human resources planning and personnel actions and work closely with ODNI/Human Resources (HR) to plan, implement, and monitor actions and new HR initiatives.

Manage and coordinate tasking responses, work activities, assignments, and projects internal to the organization and within NCSC, ODNI and across the IC, ensuring the effective completion of initiatives and requirements.

Oversee and manage organizational action processing, standard operating procedures and processes, file maintenance and record-keeping, and morale, welfare, and recreation activities.

Manage corporate communication ensuring workforce awareness of IC, ODNI, NCSC, and ETD organizational programs, initiatives, requirements, training, and other opportunities; facilitate two-way communication between workforce and leadership.

Liaise and maintain effective working relationships with other NCSC Directorate Chiefs of Staffs/Operations, ODNI components, and within the organization to address issues that span multiple mission or program areas.

Manage and execute internal business management processes for the organization; ensure management and staff are kept abreast of emerging developments.


Conditions of Employment

Must be a current permanent ODNI employee.


Superior organizational, managerial, and leadership skills, including ability to effectively manage the professional development of staff employees.

Expert knowledge of the IC and ODNI budgetary process, personnel regulations, contract regulations, and resource allocation policies and procedures.

Superior strategic and tactical planning, critical thinking, and analytical skills in order to propose innovative solutions and implement change with resourcefulness and creativity.

Superior ability to coordinate, network, and communicate across the ODNI, IC, and U.S. Government agencies.

Superior oral and written communication skills, including the ability to clearly convey complex information to audiences of all levels.

Expert knowledge and experience with resource planning, budget forecasting, and execution.

Superior ability to establish goals, manage workflow, and identify professional development needs for employees.

Superior leadership skills and training consistent with organizational direction to develop and value a workforce representing a wide spectrum of diverse backgrounds.

Desired Requirements

Serve as a Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR)

Familiarity with EO 13587, NSPM-28, CI Enhancement Act of 2002, ICD701, and OPM Circular A-123.

Additional information

Job Interview Travel: Candidates from outside the Washington, D.C., area may be selected for a telephone, teleconference, or in-person interview.

Reasonable Accommodations:

The ODNI provides reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the Reasonable Accommodations Officer by classified email at, by unclassified email at, by telephone at 703-275-3900 or by FAX at 703-275-1217. Your request for reasonable accommodation will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO THE REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS EMAIL ADDRESS. THIS EMAIL IS FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS ONLY. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION VIA THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED IN THE 'HOW TO APPLY' SECTION ABOVE.

The ODNI is an equal opportunity employer and abides by applicable employment laws and regulations.