Woodlawn, Maryland
Nov 30, 2022
Dec 03, 2022
Full Time

  • Must be able to do the work of the position without more than normal supervision.
  • Installs, maintains, modifies and repairs new and existing high and low pressure piping systems across agency facilities.
  • Systems include hydronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, sprinkler and fire suppression systems, steam heat, steam generation, sanitary lines, gas lines and related equipment.
  • Related equipment includes flash and expansion tanks, condensate, vacuum and circulating pumps and radiators.
  • Receives assignments through Information Work Management System, Supervisors or Work Leaders; responds to building emergencies; interprets and works from building plans, drawings, sketches, specifications, technical manuals and oral instructions.
  • Plans and implements projects from initial layout to completion when accuracy, fit, structural soundness and compliance with building standards are essential.
  • Plans and lays out the route, placement, pitch, elevation, pressure reduction, expansion and operation of various piping systems and equipment; determines and creates pipefitting guidelines, plans and layouts.
  • Connects, solders, brazes and maintains lines for air, natural gas, manufactured gas, sewage, water fixtures and facilities.
  • Fixtures and facilities include hydrants, sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, sanitary lines, water mains, water closets, lavatories, showers, sinks, dishwashing machines, unit gas heaters, stoves, and air compression equipment.
  • Installs, modifies and repairs piping systems by setting up system routes, and locating, placing, and cutting route openings through which pipes pass or in which equipment will be installed; clears difficult stoppages in drainpipe.
  • Places hangers for proper pitch and elevation; determines and installs items such as risers, flexible branches, expansion joints, pumps, gauges, and pressure regulators to support the system pressure and operation of piping systems and equipment.
  • Installs piping system equipment; plans and completes the routing and placement of the piping system leading to installed equipment; cuts, threads, bends, assembles and installs pipe and insulation around pipes and fixtures.
  • Determines and places equipment at the proper levels and points in the systems; joins, seals and tests joints, piping, systems and equipment for proper pressures, leak-free joints and operation.
  • Investigates, locates, diagnoses trouble and repairs various building systems with high and low-steam pressure system components, hot water tanks, heaters, steam boilers, steam distribution systems and auxiliary equipment.
  • Installs and repairs radiators, risers, expansion joints, pressure regulators, steam drip traps, pressure reducing valves, condensate pump gauges and thermostats.
  • Performs preventive and corrective maintenance on plumbing systems, sprinkler systems and steam distribution systems.
  • Works with other trades to ensure that all specifications, regulations and policies are met to ensure efficient completion of assigned projects.
  • Inspects and tests piping after repairs, alterations or additions, inspects job sites to identify environmental hazards that can limit the integrity of a pipe structure and coordinates remediation.


Conditions of Employment

  • U.S. Citizenship required; Selective Service Registration: If you are a male born after December 31, 1959, you must certify that you have registered with the Selective Service System, or are exempt under the Selective Service Law. See www.sss.gov
  • Fingerprinting and background and/or security investigation may be required. Job offers are contingent on fingerprinting and background / security investigation results.
  • Federal employees must be in good standing. Federal employees must have a successful performance rating. Official Personnel Folders will not be reviewed.
  • Selectees may be required to serve a 1-year probationary period.
  • All application materials must be received by the closing date. All application forms submitted become the property of SSA Human Resources. Requests for copies of application documents will not be accepted.
  • This is an emergency/mission-critical position.
  • This position is not eligible for telework or Alternate Work Schedule (AWS).
  • Salary will be set in accordance with local pay provisions.
  • This position involves specific physical efforts, working conditions, shift requirements and/or protective gear requirements as described under QUALIFICATIONS below.


To qualify for this WG-10 Pipefitter position your resume must describe duties you perform that demonstrate:
A. the Screen Out AND
B. the six individual Job Elements

A. SCREEN OUT: Ability To Do Pipefitter Work Without More Than Normal Supervision

REQUIREMENT: Pipefitters in this position work without more than normal supervision to install, maintain, modify and repair new and existing high- and low-pressure piping systems, such as steam heat, steam generation, hydronic and hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, sanitary lines, gas lines and related equipment such as flash and expansion tanks, condensate, vacuum and circulating pumps and radiators across agency facilities.

Pipefitters must have a fundamental understanding of the pipefitter trade based on the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

(1) knowledge of high- and low-pressure piping systems;
(2) ability to interpret and apply a variety of pipefitting guidelines and instructions;
(3) skill in using trade tools; and
(4) skill in planning and preparing pipefitting materials

B. Additionally, your resume must address the following JOB ELEMENTS.

(1) Knowledge of Equipment
(2) Technical Practices
(3) Ability to Interpret
(4) Measurement and Layout
(5) Ability to Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment
(6) Troubleshooting

Reviewers can only rate your application on the information you provide; if duties you perform are missing or incomplete, you may be rated ineligible.

Do not simply list projects on which you work or describe your work in terms of general accomplishments or achievements.

Qualifications must be met by the closing date of this announcement.


Due to the nature of Pipefitter work, the following conditions are essential for successful performance in this position and selected candidates must fully comply with all of these conditions in order to meet performance requirements.

Successful performance of Pipefitter work and adherence to these conditions will be assessed during the 1-year probationary period that may be served by new appointees.

(1) This is an emergency/mission critical position. Pipefitters may be called to work after hours, on weekends and holidays.

(2) Performs work in a workshop and at job sites.

(3) Makes repairs and installations from ladders, scaffolding and platforms where the systems and equipment worked on are in hard-to-reach places.

(4) May be subject to considerable physical exertion that includes standing for extended periods while operating machines, such as threading machines, press breaks, metal shears and horizontal saws.

(5) Work requires frequent standing, stooping, bending, crouching, kneeling, arm movement, climbing up and down ladders and scaffolds, working in cramped and awkward positions and lifting and bending when using hand and power tools.

(6) Heavy exertion and physical strength is required at frequent internals to handle heavy and bulky parts and equipment.

(7) Frequently lifts, carries and sets up parts and equipment that weight up to 50 pounds, unassisted, and occasionally lifts heavier items with the assistance of lifting devices.

(8) Work performed in shop areas exposes pipefitters to moderate or high noise levels from operating machinery, air particulates, chemical fumes and hazards associated with power equipment.

(9) Work performed at job sites exposes pipefitters to weather conditions, bad smelling fumes and uncomfortable heat.

(10) May work in confined areas which may be dusty, greasy and dirty.

(11) May be subject to burns from hot water and steam while repairing leaks in high and low-pressure steam piping and is frequently exposed to the possibility of strains, cuts, scrapes, bruises and infections.

(12) May be required to support other agency buildings to provide critical services to sustain the operational needs of agency buildings.

(13) May be required to report to or remain at a duty station to perform critical services when employees are generally excused for all or part of a workday in emergency conditions.

(14) May be required to report during irregular hours and travel in hazardous weather conditions.

(15) Pipefitters in this position are on call 24-hours a day/7 days a week, year around.

(16) Pipefitters in this position may be required to wear a uniform while working at the duty station.

(17) Must understand and follow mandated safety procedures and wear mandated Personal Protective Equipment, including, but not limited to: earplugs, safety glasses, steel-toed boots, gloves, respirator and any other gear required by the supervisor.

(18) Pipefitters may be required to wear a respirator and may be required to shave to ensure a proper fit.

Information on Federal Wage System Qualifications can be found at FWS Qualifications Guide .


There is no educational requirement for this position.

If you completed any trade-relevant training you want considered as part of your evaluation, include that training on your resume rather than uploading certificates you received.

Additional information

VACANCY OPEN TO federal employees as follows:

(1) ICTAP/CTAP - must meet requirements under https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/workforce-restructuring/employee-guide-to-career-transition/ctap_guideline.pdf

(2) Current competitive service (permanent OR conditional tenure only)

(3) Former competitive service -- voluntarily separated (resigned or retired)
(a) with permanent tenure (separation at any time)
(b) with conditional tenure (separation within previous 3 years)
(c) with conditional tenure AND veterans preference (separation at any time)

(4) Current excepted service:
(a) agency with competitive service compatibility (Foreign Service, US Postal Service, etc)
(b) agency with Interchange Agreement
(c) Schedule A -- block 5 of APPOINTMENT action shows Reg 213.3102(u)
(d) VRA -- block 5 of APPOINTMENT action shows shows Pub. L. 107-288
(e) time-limited veteran appointment -- block 5 of APPOINTMENT action shows Reg. 316.402(b)(4)
(f) not described above but can demonstrate prior competitive service OR veteran's status

(5) Former excepted service - only eligible with prior competitive-status or VEOA-status

(6) VEOA -- must meet requirements under https://www.usajobs.gov/Help/working-in-government/unique-hiring-paths/veterans/veoa/ -- may be used by applicants with non-qualifying excepted service (e.g., all former excepted service OR current excepted service not included in (4) above is non-qualifying).

If you have non-qualifying excepted service and are an eligible veteran, you may use VEOA as your eligibility, but still must provide documents demonstrating your excepted service status (e.g., current SF-50 and performance appraisal or separation SF-50) -- applicants with competitive service status should choose a current or former competitive service eligibility instead of VEOA

VEOA cannot be used to circumvent merit promotion requirements and will not result in priority selection.

VEOA applicants with federal status will be considered on federal status first and VEOA only if federal status cannot be used. Eligibilities must be fully documented in order to receive consideration.

If you are a federal contractor, do not identify yourself as a federal employee.

This is a bargaining unit position, represented by AFGE, to be filled under the provisions of the SSA/AFGE Merit Promotion Plan . Additional selections may be made within 6 months of the date of the initial selection.


Your resume must address the Screen Out and Job Elements -- See QUALIFICATIONS for specific information.

Position is not authorized to be filled virtually or through outstationing; selectees will be required to report to SSA-HQ in Woodlawn, Maryland; relocation expenses will not be paid.

Position is not eligible for telework or Alternate Work Schedules (AWS).

Salary will be set in accordance with local pay provisions.

Location of Position:
SSA Headquarters/Woodlawn, Maryland
Office of Facilities and Logistics Management
Office of Buildings Management
Division of Mechanical Maintenance

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