Assistant Dockmaster

Alexandria, VA
$42,940.30 - $57,519.80 Annually
Nov 19, 2022
Dec 12, 2022
Full Time
Assistant Dockmaster/GS 12

Full time position

Park Services

Employees in this class coordinate the administration, personnel management, operation, and maintenance of City Marina and related facilities. They are also responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing daily operations, including payroll, incident and accident reports, budget management, procurement, and the hiring, evaluating, and scheduling staff and contractors. The Assistant Dockmaster participates with the Dockmaster in supervising boating operations at the City Marina. The work of this class involves providing guidance and assistance to subordinate members of the Dockmaster's staff who assist boaters in obtaining boating services, and sharing operational duties with the Dockmaster in the operation and maintenance of boating facilities on the Alexandria waterfront. The work is performed under direct supervision of the Dockmaster.

The Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities Department (RPCA) supports the well-being of Alexandria’s residents by ensuring access to a variety of quality recreation, park, and cultural experiences. There are over 900 acres of publicly accessible open space (this includes both public and private land that is open for public use) 566 acres of it is publicly owned park land, and approximately 30,000 street trees. The Department is comprised of four operating Divisions: Recreation Services; Leadership & Management; Cultural Activities; and Park Services. These four Divisions work to offer the full range of programs, facilities, and parks.

OPERATING BUDGET FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23 Parks Division $8,834,555 $8,798,588 $9,618,072 $10,439,816 Personnel $4,926,835 $4,858,492 $5,392,218 $5,860,414 Non-personnel $3,907,720 $3,940,096 $4,225,854 $4,579,402 FTE* 58.70 56.70 56.70 56.70 Total Department $24,328,640 $26,567,634 $27,663,521 $29,482,742 *The department contracts for a significant amount of park maintenance activities and tree care. Seasonal staff are not included in the FTE total.

The operating units of Park Services include:
  • Leadership and Management
  • Park Planning and Capital Construction
  • Buddie Ford Nature Center and Environmental Education
  • Natural Land Management
  • Urban Forestry
  • Athletic Field Maintenance
  • General Park Maintenance
  • Facility Repairs
  • Warehouse and Fleet
  • Marina & Waterfront Parks

Assistant Dockmaster positions report to a Dockmaster. The Department of Recreation, Parks, Cultural Activities is CAPRA accredited since 2004.

The Assistant Dockmaster key performance indicators:
  • Oversees and provides for the responsible management of financial information and dock records, and is responsible for oversight of the collection, deposit, and tracking of all fees (contract payments, annual lease fees, reservations, daily and hourly);
  • Ensures marina compliance with all applicable industry, local, State, and Federal statutes, rules, regulations, and standards;
  • Oversees the daily coordination of vessel berthing assignments, including scheduling and prioritization of berthing and placement in accordance with customer requirements, seasonal needs, lease agreements, marina traffic, operating plans, and other related documents to insure the most efficient use of marina dock facilities;

Job Class Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Ensures that proper written records are maintained on marina activities, accidents, incidents, security, revenues, deposits, and insurance requirements;
  • Ensures marina policies, rules and regulations, ordinances, and City procedures are followed;
  • Research private organizations and other municipal agencies in order to stay abreast of current trends, rates, and issues in marina operations;
  • Prepares reports, studies, surveys, and other written documents;
  • Develops and maintains Standard Operation Procedures, marina Storm Management Plan;
  • Oversees and implements pleasure boat leases, commercial vessel contracts and maintenance contracts;
  • Reviews and assists in the development of proposed policies, ordinances, and pertinent documents affecting the marina facility;
  • Writes responses to inquiries and requests;
  • Trains staff in appropriate administration functions and supervises their work;
  • Oversees the management and administration of local, State and Federal regulations relating to the security of the marina, docks, and boats, including Homeland Security and United States Coast Guard MARSEC-level planning and response;
  • Coordinates with multiple law enforcement and Homeland Security agencies;
  • Implements emergency procedures on behalf of the City;
  • Enforces all provisions of the dock and harbor ordinances and resolutions;
  • Initiates, implements and recommends changes to the City Marina Storm/Flood Management Plan;
  • Ensures safe facility conditions for assigned City employees, waterfront visitors, commercial and pleasure boat lease holders, and transient boaters;
  • Responds to hazardous material spills;
  • Ensures containment according to established regulations;
  • Ensures all commercial and pleasure vessels docked at the City Marina and Waterfront Park are compliant with EPA regulations;
  • Exercises supervision over all marina personnel and operations for assigned work shift;
  • Ensures that personnel are properly trained;
  • Supervises waterfront parks maintenance crews in absence of the maintenance supervisor;
  • Demonstrates considerable independent judgment and initiative on a daily basis in supervising and maintaining a safe and efficient 24/7-day-a-week operation;
  • Assists Dockmaster in hiring, training, supervising, motivating, and evaluating Marina staff;
  • Provides for an efficient, pleasant office operation;
  • Reviews work schedule and work records for subordinate employees, volunteers, and summer youth workers;
  • Assigns work as appropriate and oversees its satisfactory implementation and completion;
  • Coordinates with staff and the public when dealing with maritime matters;
  • Assists Dockmaster in managing the coordination of dock operations to maximize and insure the best and most efficient use of overtaxed and crowded facilities;
  • Assists in coordinating staff training and safety programs;
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with numerous groups, including but not limited to citizens, tourists, staff from multiple City departments (e.g. General Services, City Manager's Office, City Attorney's Office, Transportation & Environmental Services, Human Services, Health Department, Fire and Rescue, Police Department, Visitors Bureau), staff from external agencies (e.g. USCG, US Army, US Navy, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, commercial and charter boat companies, DC Harbor Patrol, Fairfax Harbor Patrol, DC Fire Boats), Old Town business owners, elected officials, and members of the media;
  • Assists in the training and supervision of staff in public relations functions to provide consistent positive inner actions;
  • Solicits recommendations from employees, boat owners, commercial users and pedestrian visitors;
  • Responds to requests from the public, exercising considerable diplomacy when rejecting requests due to conflicting demands on resources or conflicts with established regulations;
  • Designs and creates public relations materials as necessary including: newsletters, information sheets, press releases, fliers, announcements, articles, and programs;
  • Promotes various waterfront activities in a variety of ways to enhance participation;
  • Performs related work as required.

Key Work Aspects of RPCA and the City of Alexandria:
As a strategy lead you are in the position of leadership within the department. As such, you are tasked with creating an environment of success in the department such that staff is highly engaged to focus on results that support organizational attainment of our mission and strategic plan. Our purpose is to build an organizational culture “that supports each of us and inspires excellence.”

RPCA Strategic Plan - Each leader is expected to implement the mission, vision, values, and the four focus areas as determined through business plans and the budget process. It is expected that all decisions will be made considering the values and focus areas.

Statement of Workplace Excellence - Every RPCA staff member has the right to a safe, healthy, efficient, and pleasant working environment where all organization members adhere to the highest standards of behavior, personal integrity, and truthfulness. Each staff member demonstrates full support and acts on deploying workplace excellence.

Shared Leadership Approach - We continually strive to gain the maximum amount of discretionary effort on the part of our staff members. All staff members are collectively responsible for our organizational community and have leadership roles. Everyone is a decision-maker within his or her job. We invite participation in solving organizational issues and constantly improving our operations.

Customer Service Guarantee - We are committed to delivering a consistently superior customer experience to all who participate in our programs or visit our parks and facilities. Service will be:
  • Responsive - respond in a timely manner to all residents and customers both external and internal. We own the request we receive and do not shift the responsibility.
  • Professional - represent the department in appropriate appearance, decorum, and communication.
  • Courteous - Treat everyone with respect. Treat everyone fairly. Treat everyone with dignity.
  • Accountable - Demonstrate a bias toward action. Ensure follow-up and follow-through with appropriate results.

Our most valued assets are engaged customers and staff members.

High Performance Organization
RPCA commits to building and sustaining a high-performance organization. This ensures a clear and consistent strategic direction. We continually focus on improving all aspects on internal and external operation. We also strive through workplace excellence and shared leadership to inspire staff to outstanding outcomes. Every job in the organization has elements of team leadership, management, and task accomplishment. HPO is team based.

What You Should Bring
Each member of our team is accountable for the outstanding delivery of services. You will bring your expertise of parks and recreation, employee engagement, high performing organizational culture, and change management; you will have a demonstrated ability to work with employees throughout the department and City of Alexandria; your personal mission and values align with those of the organization and can analyze, synthesize, and make data-informed professional recommendations. You will deliver work products that meets the high standards of excellence determined by residents and visitors.

Minimum & Additional Requirements

Four-Year College degree; three years of experience in the following areas: managing a marina and/or large revenue producing public recreation facility; performing administrative functions, including the collection, processing and tracking of revenue and expenses; overseeing and managing contracts and leases; managing, training and motivating a diverse core function and staff and setting work schedules; customer service or other experience interacting with members of the public. Proficient in using word processing, spreadsheet, recreation software systems and other computer applications. Working knowledge of all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations governing the operation of the marina. Licenses, certificates, or registrations: First aid certification; CPR and AED certification; completion of USCG boating safety course; Valid driver's license issued by state of residence; VHF license. Ability to swim. Ability to regularly lift weights of 30+ pounds.

Preferred Qualifications

Four-Year College degree; five years of experience managing a marina and/or large revenue producing public recreation facility. Three years of experience managing a high-traffic tourist destination. Three years of experience working with stakeholders such as community associations, business leaders, law enforcement agencies, National Park Service, and tourism office. Three years of experience training, directing and supervising a diverse staff with multiple core functions.


This position requires successful completion of a criminal records background check and drug screening prior to employment.

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